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Resort and backcountry skiing and snowboarding in midwestern US and Canada, including our famous reader-submitted No-Bull Snow Reports.
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Re: What is an estimated price for snowboarding ?

Mon Jun 14, 2010 12:12 pm

Well first off it's cool you want to try snowboarding.
Your question is very complex, there are a lot of questions I would have to help you get on your way.
just a few off the top of my head.
1. where are you driving from? it could be cheaper and more reliable to fly. If people are on a tight schedule and you are driving a long ways you could get stuck in snow storms and it might take a day or two of driving.
2. First time snowboarding you should get lessons (maybe take some at your home local hill before you go out west and spend all that money, you might enjoy it a bit more)
3. As for renting snowboards and cost of lift tickets and hotel rooms, thats hard to get a solid price on as they change year to year, and the dates you plan to go can also affect cost on everything
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