Zermatt, Switz., Feb. 13, 2014

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Zermatt, Switz., Feb. 13, 2014

Postby Tony Crocker » Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:20 pm

This was another bad weather day, predicted overcast but it snowed most of the day. Thus no ski pictures.

We took the Gornergrat train up and the 29 piste to cross to the Rothorn side. Gant was closed so we skied down to Fideln and took lifts up to Blauherd. In this weather the Patrullarve chair was the only viable option for skiing off piste, so we took 3 runs in there by 12:30. The top of Patrullarve is still above tree line so finding desired entries into the steeper sections with stunted trees required careful navigation.

After the 3rd run we encountered trip organizer Jackie skiing with 3 other Diamond Dogs Mark, Chris and Janet, so we suggested trying to find Chez Vrony at Findeln, perhaps Zermatt’s most famous on-mountain restaurant. In the fog and snow we got separated but both groups made it to Chez Vrony and managed to get seated at 1:20 after a modest wait.

Our lunch group:

Jackie with lamb.

Perch with garlic foam and veggie risotto.

The famous $35 Vrony burger.

Mark and Chris said it was worth it!

Caramel dessert special and apple fritters in vanilla sauce.

We skied into town and found a convenient shortcut to our hotel. 15,100 vertical.

Before dinner we went to the Matterhorn museum. Antique skis, the ones at left from late 19th century.

Diagram for the 7 climbers who first summited the Matterhorn July 14, 1865.

The rope broke on the descent and four of the climbers died.

We were supposed to have a group dinner at the top of the Gornergrat, but it was cancelled due to the ongoing storm. So we knew Friday would be a powder day, the question being how much of it would we be able to see.
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