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Avalanches in Tignes April 10 and Val d’Isere April 13, 2018

Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:55 pm

Fraser e-mailed the link of this impressive video to James and me on April 10. ... 628854869/

6 days later driving out of Val d’Isere we had an overview of that slide path from the other side of Lac du Chevril.

The road into Tignes 2100 and Val Claret was blocked for 4-5 hours.

On Friday our last guided run around 12:30PM was in Vallonet, the second of 4 off-piste bowls east of Le Fornet. On the middle section of skiing, our guide Didier directed us far skier’s left to avoid a blind rollover. As I approached Didier I saw this off to my right.

But soon we saw this scene below.

Didier is at far left in the picture, preparing rescue gear in case he is needed to assist. He told us to switch our transceivers to receive to avoid confusing searchers.

Helicopter approaching:

At this point it was unclear if there was more than one victim, so here someone is searching more of the avalanche debris.

Another searcher with a dog:

Closeup of fracture line:

Closeup of rescue scene:

You can see the orange airbag at upper right. The man directly below the airbag is looking into the excavation hole. By his right leg you can see another man’s head, which confirms the report that the burial was 1.8 meters deep. Fortunately the buried woman was rescued and not seriously injured.

We were surprised not to find much news about this incident later. Fraser found this brief story: wrote:This afternoon, a skier was caught in an avalanche while she was on the off-piste sector of the Grand Vallon, one of the most famous of the Val d'Isère resort. Remained a few moments under nearly two meters of snow, the victim was released by witnesses of the scene. As a precaution, a dog handler from the CRS Alpes Courchevel checked the snowflake to ensure that no other person had been buried. The thirty-year-old was transported to the doctor's office

Rescues from 1.8 meters are rare. I suspect the airbag took up enough of the volume to allow a faster successful excavation.
Overview of the complete fracture and somewhat funneled slide path from below:

Re: Avalanches in Tignes April 10 and Val d’Isere April 13,

Tue Apr 17, 2018 4:57 am


Re: Avalanches in Tignes April 10 and Val d’Isere April 13,

Wed Apr 25, 2018 10:26 am

it's just huge what happens!
It is important and essential to pay attention during ski holidays in Tignes Station and even everywhere especially during this period with the big avalanche ...
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