Mountaineering boots

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Postby NHpowderhound » Tue Oct 26, 2004 10:51 pm

Lobster Tele Girl wrote :
I was going to buy a wireless card this week, but I blew my extra cash on a pair of Koflach double plastic mountaineering boots What was I thinking???

Good choice!I dont like my Asolo's and am thinking of picking up some new shoes.
How long did you wear 'em befor you bought 'em?I wish I had tried mine on for a longer time befor I bought them. :?
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re: Mountaineering boots

Postby LobsterTeleGrrrl » Wed Oct 27, 2004 7:16 am

Well, not at all.

I ordered them online at They have last years model on sale for 159 bucks, a steal.

Given that I own 3 pairs of double plastic boots, all Scarpa tele boots, and I've have good luck with my feet fitting into them, I ordred them online.
I also rest assured that I can get an aftermarket moldable thermaflex liner to fit them, if I have any real issues. Basically I bought the shell, and if the liner doesnt work, it's no big deal.

Last Feb I tried climbing Mt Katahdin in a pair of T2 telemark boots. I did ok, but the duckbill on the tele boots makes it difficult to get a stable foot hold in many tight places. I ended up off balance due to weight distribution.
This year I'm going back with the Koflach Degres to finish what I strated :D
The other incentive is that the mountaineering snowhoes I bought on close-out last year won't buckle over ski boot buckles. And my insulated giaters won't zip over them either. So I really needed a buckle-less double plastic boot.

You could always head to gear store, or the basement of IME, or Ragged Mountian in North Conway, try on the Koflachs, and see how they fit. I was planning on doing the used shell search myself, and just getting a pair of thermafits...but then I found this awesome deal at bentgate and figured the cost would about whitewash.
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