Choosing BC Skis

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Choosing BC Skis

Postby Xazu » Mon May 20, 2019 3:15 am

My question here is about choosing backcountry skis. I am 6'/230lbs (plus more if I carry a backpack)
My use of the skis will be mostly on trips where one can not expect classic track but where the ground might be either packed down or snowy. If I could also use them on ski slopes trying to do some telemarking that would be a bonus.
I think I understand that wider means more flotation and relatively slower speed as opposed to narrower skis. I think I understand that wider will give me better control in rough ungroomed terrain.
Is it safe to assume at my weight the skis pretty much need be 200cm or longer. Does stiffness (klister?sp?) come into question for BC skis?
New skis will be probably shaped and lighter than older models.
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