I Ski Good this Year - Is it The Equipment

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I Ski Good this Year - Is it The Equipment

Postby Anonymous » Fri Dec 20, 2002 2:33 am

Wanting to get to a whole new level of skiing I did the following shown below. No BS I can rip up the steepest damn terrain you ever want to see. I have skied 30 plus days for the past 5 years. This year only having skied 4 days I can see a significant improvment ripping up steep mogul nasty cruded up slopes by doing the following: <BR> <BR>- Hiked a few mountains this summer <BR>- Joined a gym and worked out with weights <BR>- Lost 10 lbs <BR>- Got footbed orthotics and had my 3 year old Technica boots adjuested "CORRECTLY THIS TIME" <BR>- Traded in my 4 year old Straight (slightly shaped) 191cm Skis for Volkl T50 Suppersport 5 Star 174 CM <BR>- Watched a lot of Warren Miller Home Movies over and over. Sometimes in slow motion. <BR>- One Ski Class from Level 3 PSIA Instructor on how to ski shaped skis. <BR> <BR>Damn I Ski much much Better this Year and its not just my opinion. Its probably the skis or maybe the boots or the ski instruction or the 10 lb weight loss or maybe the Warren Miller movies. Hell I don't know. <BR> <BR>No BS, Big improvment though.

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