Ski Choice: Salomon Crossmax 700 or Volkl 724 AX2

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Ski Choice: Salomon Crossmax 700 or Volkl 724 AX2

Postby Guest » Tue Jan 11, 2005 11:01 am

I am trying to purchase skis for the first time. I am an intermediate skiier, looking to become better. I cannot link parallels, but I am learning. Which ski would you recommend, and why? Thanks :D

re: Ski Choice: Salomon Crossmax 700 or Volkl 724 AX2

Postby Chromer » Wed Jan 12, 2005 12:54 pm

I owned the Volkl G20, which is a previous version of the AX2. It is a fine, forgiving ski with enough performance that you will not outgrow it for years. It's also nice in powder, with enough float to make all but the deepest snow enjoyable. I have no experience with the Crossmax, sorry.
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re: Ski Choice: Salomon Crossmax 700 or Volkl 724 AX2

Postby Ryan » Wed Jan 12, 2005 1:28 pm

I on the other hand have 2 seasons on a set of Crossmax 10 pilots that are now 3 years old. I know that they are a much stiffer ski than the new 700 but construction wise I do not know how they compare. What I can tell you about the Crossmax line is that they are a snappy responsive ski with a lot of rebound and a load of edge hold. They are however not what I would call a forgiving ski. You need to stay forward on it but if you are it will really preform.
One thing to really take into consideration here is the fact the the Crossmax you are looking at is a 12meter radius at 150 or a 14 Meter at 160 and the Volkl is a 20meter. This is a MAJOR difference in the way that these 2 skis will feel. The Volkl will likely be more stable and the Crossmax will be way more "turny". Personally I way prefer a turny ski and am currently on a set of Rossi 9s World Cup's with a 10 Meter radius. They turn like mad and that keeps me happy. They however do not float in powder worth a damn and I suspect that the Crossmax could be the same way.
Another point of note is that Volkl is a 170 versus 150 or 160 on the Salomon

My opinion for what it is worth:
If you are staying on the groomers go with the Crossmax
If you are an off-Piste kind of skier who wants time in the woods, go with the Volkl
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