Volkl AC-3 Unlimited 2007 - Killer deal?

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Volkl AC-3 Unlimited 2007 - Killer deal?

Postby remydog » Wed Feb 20, 2008 2:10 pm

Wondering if I should pick these up - looking for other opinions.

I just demo'd a set that are in mint condition selling for $350. Conditions were bullet proof Eastern ice after rain. Held beautifully on the hard stuff, but if I wasn't testing the skis, I wouldn't have even bothered going out.

I'm a type III skier 215lbs 5'10" closing in on the half century mark. My knees are still holding out, but barely. I love to ski the edges, especially on the steeps. Also enjoy wide open airplane turns on the blues and will hit the woods or bumps if they are not super hard or have ice troughs.

I like a ski that can perform at extremes when pushed, but which will not kill you if you want to take it easy (my days of pure race skis ended when I took up my first pair of all-mountain sticks).

Current quiver is a pair of Salomon Screams, which are fantastic in softer conditions, and Nordica SUV 12s which are superb all-mountain cruisers, including bumps. Neither holds especially well on the super hardpack, but I generally don't prefer those conditions as they are really just survival skiing.

I was thinking of replacing the Nordicas with these. Love to hear what others think of them, especially in softer snow, tight spaces and bumps. I did try the Tigershark 10s, and found them incredible for wide open cruising. However, I was not real fond of them on the trail edge in tight spots. They wanted to be on one edge or the other, nothing in between. Very narrow transition point when you wanted to break it off the edge and slide a bit into your next turn. The AC3s were much more forgiving, but still had plenty of hold on the ice.
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re: Volkl AC-3 Unlimited 2007 - Killer deal?

Postby kingslug » Sat Feb 23, 2008 10:10 am

I skied them last year but my boots weren't up to the task. They do require a bit of muscle. Holding on ice is their forte' though. $350.00 is cheap.
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re: Volkl AC-3 Unlimited 2007 - Killer deal?

Postby ronin6 » Sun Feb 24, 2008 7:26 pm

I ski the AC-3s and I love them. While not perfect in every condition, I used them everywhere in the Jackson backcountry to groomers at Deer Valley and was pleased. The price is right, pick them up for a solid utility ski.
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