[B]Willl you help me evaluate my ski products?[/B]

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[B]Willl you help me evaluate my ski products?[/B]

Postby Jack Schroeder » Thu Jun 12, 2008 9:06 pm

I've recently started a small business manufacturing unique custom ski storage cabinets, chests, and wall-mounted ski and snowboard racks. The unique feature is that each of them incorporates some artistic feature - carvings, paintings, photos, unusual woods, etc. The racks can be seen at skirackart.com.

Everyone who sees the racks thinks they're great, but I'm not getting good results from my marketing efforts. I've got cinema advertising going in Steamboat Springs, Breckenridge and Aspen, plus a weekly print ad in Vail Trails magazine. So far, none of this has generated inquiries. I don't know whether this is because of the economy, the timing, or just a crappy product line.

I'd be very grateful for any feedback any of you might be willing to provide. Check the website, skirackart.com, and then give me your FRANK comments. If you think the products have promise, I'd welcome any marketing suggestions you may be able to offer. I'm particularly interested in finding how I can reach owners of ski area condos.

Many, many thanks.
Jack Schroeder
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re: [B]Willl you help me evaluate my ski products?[/B]

Postby J.Spin » Sat Jun 14, 2008 9:31 am

Jack, those ski products are very nice, and I think you are probably marketing to some of the right resorts because I don't think most skiers or ski resort condo owners would want something so nice. Most ski area lodging that I've stayed at has designated storage areas for skis separate from the living quarters, and many places insist that skis do not go inside the living space at all because of the marks and damage resulting from skis. The typical skiers I know would want something extremely utilitarian, that can stand up to slamming their skis into it day after day, and I would assume condo owners would want the same so they wouldn't have to worry about their guests destroying it. Also, this may be different with some people, but when I get home, my skis are caked with snow and potentially other debris that is going to melt all over that beautiful woodwork and make a massive mess of things. That would either necessitate cleaning and drying your skis thoroughly after each ski day, or only using your pieces for off-season storage (perhaps that is a big part of their intent?). The moisture/mess looks like it would be an especially big issue with the cabinets and chests. Also, I think the number of slots for storage are too few for many groups, some options with larger storage numbers would be nice. The skis in the storage chest idea is nice but seems an inefficient use of space. Your coat racks look like something that I would consider for my home, since coat hanging is a much gentler, cleaner, process. The fact that the artwork is on metal sounds very robust.

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