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The Ski Rack is the discussion area for snowsports gear. See what your fellow readers think about the skis that you're thinking of buying, or get some feedback on the equipment that's right for you.
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Re: Advice on new boards

Fri Feb 13, 2009 12:01 pm

I ended up pulling the trigger on the G3 Reverend. I spent some time talking to my buddy at Vail, and we're all about the slack country and some sled-assisted touring, and lots of tree skiing, so I went with the 177's. I figure I can tough it out if they're a little squirrely on the firm, as long as they have some sidecut (much better than my current 8800's) I'll deal. Freeride Plus was 25% off at, so the deal is done.

Thanks for all your input folks.

So, how much $$ do you think I should ask for my 8800's with Freerides and BD ascend skins?
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