Alta, UT 4/18/09

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Alta, UT 4/18/09

Postby Admin » Sun Apr 19, 2009 8:47 pm

Day 57: What a difference a day makes

I'd intended to arrive late on Saturday to allow things some time to soften. What I hadn't intended was to drive halfway up the canyon to realize that my gloves, my pass and my helmet were still back at the house. #-o

No matter, I still got a few hours in during the afternoon. I should've been there slightly sooner, for things were already getting gloppy by the time I arrived. What was surprising was how desolate things were. The difference from Friday was like night and day. Clouds moved in and out. Marc_C, Pat and I ripped things up for a few hours before settling in for beers on the GMD deck.

Here are some pics:

01 Alta Watson 090418.jpg
The view from Watson Shelter

02 Alta Baldy 090418.jpg
Mount Baldy

04 Alta Devils Castle 090418.jpg
Devil's Castle

03 Alta Castle Apron 090418.jpg
Castle Apron

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