Kirkwood, CA and Heavenly, CA and NV 1/7-12/2018

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Kirkwood, CA and Heavenly, CA and NV 1/7-12/2018

Postby tseeb » Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:18 pm

I made one of my fastest drives ever to Kirkwood, arriving in 3 hours non-stop. Sunrise before Jackson
Parking was busy even though it was before 8:30. I took the last spot across road from chair 6 that loaded a few minutes before scheduled 9. After a slow-moving singles line cleared, I rode up with a patroller who said don't expect that soggy snow that fell the previous morning and froze overnight to ski like powder. I skied the groomers on either side of the chair; Zachary's and Sentinel. Both were good for a couple of laps and I skied ungroomed Monte Wolfe to move to the Wall. I took semi-nasty entrance that deteriorated during the day. After the top, I tried E-facing Eagle Bowl that had mostly setup so I moved to more N-facing on Norms Nose that was not much better even where untracked. It's June-uary, but not shorts weather.

I moved to the Backside using route that is much bumpier and side-hilled than usual, then narrowly crosses a creek getting to chair. The main groomer on Backside was good, but a groomed run between there and the Wave was even better as almost nobody was skiing the wind-sift blowing in from the W so I repeated it. The short singles line, probably mostly caused by people who can't handle a non-hi-speed Quad, drove me away via Thunder Saddle. The entrance I took was very good although many usual routes don't go. And I nearly got cliffed-out lower down, then was surprised to see the main almost a bowl exit had poles marking a ridge that creek had cut. The exit was bumpy and if you tried to avoid the bumps the un-skied low-angle was like being on tracks (not just there).

I went up the Wall and skied (and twice removed skis to avoid damage) around the back of the Sisters. Silver Lake that I walked on on New Yeak's Day may be losing ice.
I had seen there were not many tracks below False Peak so I dropped in.
While not tracked out, the top was barely OK and the rest of the way it was hard to make turns unless very steep as a lot of it was heavily crusted. A little line on Solitude lift about noon.
I got back to Cornice without going down the still-thin Drain and after taking pictures of a guy dropping Jim's in very low tide,
I skied Sentinel, which had deteriorated a lot in 3 hours. I took a break at the car and listened the end of a playoff game. Then I took a lap or two on Cornice before using the Wall and chair 2 to return to mostly empty Backside for a lap there. I took Two-Man chute in Thunder Saddle and found much better snow than in main run I had taken earlier. I quit before 3:30 and my watch showed 20 runs/24.1K while EpicMix had me 24,116', unbelievably close.

My day wasn't over as my SUV wouldn't start, probably from having too much on for too long during lunch break for a 5 1/2 year old battery. I was head-in at the end of a row next to an area nobody could enter. Since the truck next to me wasn't leaving I got first one, then three or four more had to join in to push me across road to where I could get a jump. After that adventure and leaving SUV idling for another 10 minutes to charge battery, I went into Kirkwood Inn where a new ski buddy runs the kitchen and had a beer and a couple of excellent Happy Hour fish tacos while watching end of second playoff game. (to be continued)

Pictures from Heavenly on 1/8. First is Milky Way Bowl which opened on Sunday and had not been skied very much. 2nd is lower Double Down, formerly Betty's, while steeper than rest of run it had not been open as long (or skied on short skis so much) so bumps were better than middle and some of the upper part.
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Re: Kirkwood, CA and Heavenly, CA and NV 1/7-12/2018

Postby tseeb » Sat Jan 13, 2018 10:25 am

Saving this spot to avoid the heavy traffic
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