Smugglers' Notch, VT 2/6/01

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Smugglers' Notch, VT 2/6/01

Postby Matt Duffy » Tue Feb 06, 2001 4:09 pm

I don't really have time to be doing this, but I've gotta get this out and right now. When it rains, it pours. And when it snows, it buries us deep in bottomless powder. As you approach the Sterling parking lot, the snowbanks are now over 8 feet high. And it is snowing really hard even still. Hasn't stopped since last night. Early am snow report said 10 inches. Seemed pretty accurate at the time and it snowed hard all day. We've been nuked. <BR> <BR>This is crazy, oh man, at the end of every day I say wow. What an awesome day. Every single day as of late. It has become normal. Just another average day. Oh my god, this has to be a fairy tale. Today was stunning. Un-freakin'-real. Screw work today, I'm not goin'! I was there before the lifts opened and didn't take a break until I left at 3:45. At the end of every single run, I said That was just a phenomenal run! I cannot believe this! <BR> <BR>Once again, M1 was on windhold. M1 should always be closed on a weekday after & during a big pile-up of snow. Only two people hiked from M2 to Catwalk today. Louie and myself. <BR> <BR>The wind was certainly gusting and the lift was closed for many good reasons. The bulk of which being total sum of turns we made on Robin's Run. The wind had played major tricks and worked some magic with all the fresh powder. Enormous white monoliths of snow had worked all the way to the top of Robin's. They were pushed up by the wind and took the form of whatever it crawled over. Their contours were the exaggerated shape of whatever the covered. They weaved around and even straight up over some ledges. It was the ultimate run. But every run was like that. It does not get any better than this. <BR> <BR>I saw a bunch of people I know today. The names will mean nothing to you, but you'll get the picture. At various times throughout the day, spanning the whole day, I skied with Brian, Marianne, Kim, Lou, Greg, Steely, Nickerson, Downing, Hokey, and Jamie today. Never all at once and never planned, but it just happened the way these things have a way of happening. Spontaneous powder blasts went on and on and on. Every one has their own taste in everything and I kind of sampled them all like gourmet appetizers at a rockin' party. <BR> <BR>The taste differences work for music too. For instance, Steve & Jamie were going to put on some R & B while Brian and Kim were off to sing hallelujah instead. I was going to like either, but since I was in a screaming mood, I thought I'd wail out hallelujah, hallelujah! Wow, what an incredible run, this one's got a very strong flavor to it. It gets really tight, then there's some wide space, then it get's tight, then changes direction & fall line, then opens up and plunges down some steeps, and so on, etc. The snow is deep deep deep. <BR> <BR>I can go on and on with snippets from every run but instead I'll stop torturing those who didn't ski today. I'll leave you with the fact that no run I made today was much better than the others. And this has been the best ski season of my entire life. I will always remember it that way, regardless of what the weather does from here on out. I am so happy to have enjoyed it to the fullest with a great number of friends. Thank you all for sharing turns in this miracle we're skiing in. An absolute miracle.
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