Mad River Glen, VT 3/6/01

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Mad River Glen, VT 3/6/01

Postby Anonymous » Tue Mar 06, 2001 7:44 pm

oh my god - I'll try not to prattle on but it was simply amazing. <BR> <BR>I arrived at 8:15 and was in line for the Single at 8:30. At 8:55, the diesel chugged, the chair started moving, a cheer arose, and the chair stopped. Wind hold. Various reports I heard included a 45 mph wind as well as severe drifting. A mad dash to the Double ensued, with those first in line for the Single now finding themselves last in line for the Double - life sucks sometimes, but hey it was a powder day, so there were lots of smiles all around. <BR> <BR>Entertainment was provided by those coming down the practice slope. Some of the falls were spectacular, but on a powder day, who cares? I know I fell more times today than the rest of the season combined and I got up smiling each time. My first run off the Double was over to Ferret into Glade, hoping to get untracked since the single was closed. I got third tracks, but so what - it was (almost) bottomless powder. The Double consumed most of mine (and everyone else's) morning, as the Single didn't open until after 11. Other choice runs included Gazelle Glades, Panther, etc etc - IT WAS ALL GOOD AND IT'S BECOME A HUGE WHITE MESS IN MY HEAD! <BR> <BR>After a quick 20 minute lunch (who wastes time eating on a powder day?), I was finally in line for the Single at 1. The line snaked up the hill, which made it look long, but the wait didn't feel any longer than a typical weekend day. Pretty much everyone on the mountain migrated to the Single after it opened, and the Double lines were minimal after that point. First run - Paradise - windpack on top, but after the waterfall, it was sweet and almost bottomless powder. Second run - Paradise (needed to repeat the experience). Next - Fall Line into the woods to the right of Creamery. I really can't put into words too much about any of these runs other than that they were spectacular. Next on the agenda - Catamount > Lynx > Beaver. Catamount was windscoured and had powder only on skier's left. Lynx to Beaver were some of the softest bumps I have seen. You could blow through the bumps if you wanted to, but some habits, such as skiing around bumps, are too hard to break. By this time, it was well after 3 and energy was in extremely short supply. We were going to finish with a Chute > Liftline, but had to get back to Catamount > Lynx > Beaver. We got on the Single for the last time at 3:55, and I was praying that I would have the energy to finish. A very slow <BR>descent followed, one in which every 10 turns would be followed by much bent-over panting. <BR> <BR>Those of you who have the opportunity to take tomorrow off, don't miss it. Did someone say these were the best of times?

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