Mt. Rose, 2/20/05

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Mt. Rose, 2/20/05

Postby Tony Crocker » Wed Feb 23, 2005 7:10 pm

Mt. Rose reported 6-8 inches new and it snowed most of the morning before partially clearing after lunch. We went up the Rose side and started skiing on the Slide Mt. side which had many open untracked slopes with intermediate pitch. Andrew did not adjust to this right away, so I let him explore at his own pace (which turned out to be 28K of mostly groomers) while I checked out the famed Chutes.

Despite considerable advertising in ski publications and in Bay Area media, the Chutes were not that busy, particularly considering it was the middle day of President's weekend. They actually skied deeper than the 6-8 reported because the snow from a similar storm earlier in the week had not been packed down much. I first started from the top in El Cap. Next was the even steeper and narrower Charge. One of my first turns there sloughed the snow off and exposed a rock I had to sidestep around.

After lunch I returned to sample Jackpot, Beehive trees, Hornet's Nest, Saddle, Nightmare and one other line where I forgot the name. I was pleasantly surprised to be skiing in soft slough and just partially tracked snow back there as late as 3PM. Mt. Rose is highly recommended on powder days. This type of terrain at Squaw or Mammoth would be pounded into submission within a couple of hours on a day like this.

Today was one of the best of my season so far: 25K, about 9K of powder. Mt. Rose certainly has to be considered in the same class as Alpine Meadows and Sugar Bowl now. The Chutes could be quite intimidating with hardpack snow or a base not as deep as this year. Comparable terrain? Mott Canyon, but with both longer fall lines and at least twice as many runs. I think it's more extensive than Chair 22 at Mammoth as well.

After skiing we went into Reno to get Andrew some new ski pants and saw Bill Cosby's show at the Silver Legacy casino.

First run on Slide Mt. side. Andrew wasn't quite ready for the powder yet.
rose_slide_pow.JPG (21.73 KiB) Viewed 2818 times

First chute for me was El Cap, not too shabby in the fresh snow.
rose_elcap.JPG (24.99 KiB) Viewed 2818 times

Looking down after skiing part of a chute.
rose_lowchute.JPG (47.62 KiB) Viewed 2819 times

Looking up at the Chutes from the bottom. Note lightly tracked snow in foreground.
rose_chutepow.JPG (37.1 KiB) Viewed 2819 times

The Slide Mt. side in mid-afternoon. This area was completely tracked out by the holiday skiers, so I was somewhat surprised to see less competition for powder in the Chutes.
rose_slide.JPG (35.59 KiB) Viewed 2819 times

Looking across the trees near Beehive towrds the Mt. Rose base area.
rose_beehive.JPG (51.35 KiB) Viewed 2819 times

Here's a typical tree shot between a couple of the Mt. Rose chutes.
rose_treeshot.JPG (55.86 KiB) Viewed 2820 times

The original Mt. Rose terrain to the right of the lift, some of the Chutes to the left. Andrew's ski pants, may they rest in peace.
rose_skipants.JPG (39.53 KiB) Viewed 2819 times
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Re: Mt. Rose, 2/20/05

Postby Admin » Wed Feb 23, 2005 7:13 pm

Tony Crocker wrote:After skiing we went into Reno to get Andrew some new ski pants

So, you do have a heart after all. :lol:

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