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    St.Luc / Chandolin, Switz., Apr. 4, 2022

    Looking good at Zermatt over the past week. The air pix are taken by the OP who is flying his Cessna over the region.
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    2021-22 Season Recap

    Beautiful pix, @jimk. Next winter, feel free to post reports throughout the season so we can discuss them as they happen.
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    2021-22 Season Recap

    Excellent Snowbasin pix -- those are on the Strawberry sector?
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    Kirkwood, CA 5/1/2022 (Closing day)

    Someone from Alpinforum was there for Kirkwood's closing day and extols the mogul runs, which are a rarity in the Alps. Most Euros can't stand them but they're a big attraction for the few bump fans over there.
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    Successful Selenelion, San Gabriel Peak, CA, May 15, 2022

    Tony, where are you driving for tomorrow's lunar eclipse?
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    2021-22 Season Recap

    My third season in a row in the mid-teens with almost all of it overseas. 16 Ski Days 1 Plattekill, NY 1 Rothwald, CH 1 Grächen, CH 1 Unterbäch, CH 1 Bürchen, CH 1 Visperterminen, CH 1 Bellwald, CH 1 Aletsch Arena, CH 1 Bezau, AT 1 Warth-Schröcken, AT 1 Damüls, AT 1 Hochhäderich, AT 1...
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    Winter Park, CO 5-7 and 5-8, 2022

    Their average is mid-300s?
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    Winter Park, CO 5-7 and 5-8, 2022

    Looks nice but a shame about the Panorama lift. What's WP/MJ's YTD snow?
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    Palisades Tahoe, CA 4/30/22

    @Patrick, you land at which airport for Mammoth, Reno? I just did a quick search; it appears that Alaska Airlines never reinstated the LAX to MMH direct flights after nixing them four years ago?
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    Patrick's Eastern Closing Thread

    Looks like impressive coverage at =AZWYRxakvt-72y2vfv7nBokCloAA6yOlwfZzOVII3xa6rCB3-FNE2wvAmxgx-0q1zaYpFazehEp5Q7Hw8Fsod0sWeIHnMdDVrpjOD-u5DjH-OheOybDmHKfr2GtNFagmHiM&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R']Sugarloaf on its final weekend.
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    Conversion from phpBB to Xenforo

    Yes, thanks for pushing this across the finish line. Even though I copied all of my FTO TRs into your forum last summer, I'm glad that we were able to save our content and keep this small (ok, extremely small!) community together. This forum still wins the signal-to-noise award in my book.
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    Aspen, CO: March 10, 2022

    Harv's had a pretty solid record the last few years for cherry-picking days with fresh snow.
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    Aspen, CO: March 10, 2022

    We're still trying, without success thus far, to have Harv cross the border into the Eastern Townships. :eusa-snooty:
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    Vail Resorts Red Flags in 2021-22

    VR making news again. How do they catch people -- by doing face checks and asking them to remove their helmets and goggles? :eusa-think:
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    Patrick's Eastern Closing Thread

    At the bottom of my Mont Édouard thread from 2010, there's a link to the article Guido posted after his 2002 powder day there. The formatting is messed up but you can still read it. Valinouët was on my itinerary for that 2010 visit; however, it was having a poor season and my hosts told me not...