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    South America 2011

    Portillo's Wine Week festival was awesome. O:)
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    Mammoth, June 15-16, 2011

    Yes, some ski resorts will reopen this July 4th. Squaw Valley, Kirkwood are few of them. Sugar Bowl will reopen but they will only accept pass holders.
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    Vermont Snow Updates 2010-11

    For the 2010-11 ski season Vermont's ski resorts recorded 4,365,906 visits. Besides, this year's season is the third snowiest season on record. This June, most ski resorts in Vermont are closed for snow sports.
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    Volcanic ash rains down on Bariloche

    Amazing indeed... Nature's fury is all I see.
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    Warm up and cool down

    Stretching is not ideal thing to do when your muscles are still cold. Warm up by doing a 10-15 minute walk through snow carrying your skis.
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    Volcanic ash rains down on Bariloche

    The hard part of this event is that it would be difficult to get in and out of the area because some flights were canceled due to ash falls-aircraft's zero visibility.
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    As the North American ski and ride season enters the final stretch, thoughts turn to summer skiing in Argentina and US$750/week for condo rental is already a great deal.
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    South America 2011

    Chile is now experiencing heavy snow fall so skiers and and snowboarder go down South America.
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    HIGH NEW HAMPSHIRE.........again

    This is just an awesome photo of winter adventure.. =D>