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    Killington 5/19&20/03

    Hi all, what a discussion. <BR> <BR>In the last few weeks there have been alot of talk about early closing. It is sad to say, but the skiing is not the number one priority of the ski industry anymore - it's real estate and all the Disney-esque experiences on taking a holiday at the mountain...
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    Airplane, Pipeline, East Snowfields - 5/17/03

    Salut Frank, <BR>What you mainly need to ski Mt. Washington is COMMON SENSE. <BR> <BR>The last time I skied there (Apr27?, 01) I believe I had my 207s 1986 Rossi 7S. I was able to ski all the way down to Pinkham notch without removing them (the trail was still open). <BR>I didn't have any...
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    Killington 5/19&20/03

    Hi, <BR> <BR>Johnny: there isn't any other peaks close to Tremblant size further north. <BR> <BR>Late closing in Quebec: <BR>Tremblant and Ste.Anne are the only two areas that could possibly beat Killington closing's date. They have the market (less for Ste.Anne) and potentially the money...
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    St-Sauveur / La Reserve / QC / may 16, 2003

    Salut Frank, <BR>Thanks for your reply on the last MSS report. I have a question. Do you have touring ski and ski up or do you hike the trail by foot? I was just wondering. <BR>I haven't skied in the last 3 weeks and I am wondering if my season is over, unless my friends decides go to...
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    Airplane, Pipeline, East Snowfields - 5/17/03

    I have a few question about Airplane, Pipeline and the East Snowfield. I have read about them in David Goodman's book, but I never realized how the skiing was good late in the season (judging from the no-bull) and how accessible they were. <BR> <BR>1) Besides the avalanches danger similar to the...
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    Mont Saint-Sauveur / Qc / 2003-05-10

    Once again ... someone closing early. Frank, I wonder how many of the 300 skiers had a season pass? Most skiers I saw at Ste.Anne last weekend had season passes, so it wasn't extra money for the area. <BR>I have an interesting comment on St.Sauveur banner picture. One year (I just checked - it...
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    Ski La Reserve, Quebec, 2003-05-08

    Great report Frank. <BR> <BR>I would like to make to St-Sauveur this weekend, however family plans are already made for the next two weekends (haven't skied St-Sauveur since we moved to Ottawa 8 years ago). I can't complain, I was able to skip many family gathering...especially when we spent one...
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    Mont Ste-Anne 5/3/2003

    Sorry for the late report. <BR> <BR>Ste-Anne had great conditions for it's last weekend of skiing. More coverage than last year at the same time (actually, last year was below freezing and had fresh snow). 17 trails were opened. Most of the North side (9tr.) and 8tr. on the South side which...
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    Cannon Mt 4-25-03

    Late season candidates? Let's not kid ourselves.. most ski areas have a hard time making money. Late season skiing has change in the last 20 years, especially since the ski area mergers. <BR> <BR>Profile would definately be a good candidate, however I don't see that happening (isn't Cannon...
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    Ski & Hike Fest 2003 - QC - 2003-04-25

    Crazy!!! And some people have called me ski crazy in the past. I never did something so crazy than to go to 4 areas to hike and ski them? Frankontour you're nuts... I would like to have you're will and energy. <BR>Comparing FIS and Superstar is a very big stretch. Superstar is much longer and...
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    Ski Ascutney (VT) for $25!!!

    Hi, <BR>I am selling one voucher that will never get to use for Ascutney. It is good for any day in the 2001-2002 season. I am selling it for $25 US. <BR> <BR>Email-me if you are interested. <BR> <BR>Patrick Corcoran
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    Club Med Val D'Isere

    We were in France visiting my wife's family last Christmas. We skied 3 days at Val d'Isere - Tignes just before Christmas (dec20-22). There was no snow in most of the Alps last December. Val d'Isere/Tignes are most reliable because of the altitude, snowmaking and the glaciers. <BR> <BR>We had a...