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    Aspen to reopen this weekend for skiing

    My information says that ABasin is closing to work on construction projects. They are building new/bigger parking lots and a tunnel under Hwy 6 so that guests don't have to dodge traffic from the upper lots. Although I've heard they could have waited 1 more week.
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    Your 2007-08 Ski Day Count

    I've currently got 34 with 2-6 more days (depending on conditions/motivation) left before my season ends.
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    Any last minute, last week of March CO advice?

    Just so you can see a more complete review of dish: ... again.html ... savor.html
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    Any last minute, last week of March CO advice?

    I can help with some of your questions. Some questions are (I already know I should carry my boots onto the plane): 1. If weather is as predicted and we can ski any Vail resort for free, where should we go Thursday and what time should we leave Lakewood? (SW Denver) - I'd say Arapahoe Basin...
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    Season Pass Wars

    Just to add to EMSC's note, which voiced very well my concerns and opinions, the additional email from Vail Resorts is that Arapahoe Basin is included in the Epic Pass.
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    Season Pass Wars

    From some people who have called the Vail Resorts info center the Colorado Pass will be back next year. One person also gained info that Abasin is included on the new Epic Pass although that one I don't quite believe that since it's not on any of their published info.
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    Eldora, CO 2-10-08

    Actually, I think I ran away from you EMSC when I realized I needed to get a kid ready for their start. Great race with the efficiency and early finish appreciated by all. And having the Poma dedicated to the race really helped (except that I had J7 racers that had never ridden one before!)...
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    Summit Co, CO

    What I'm seeing in forecasts right now is that Sunday and Monday should have snow events which will be perfect timing for you. Enjoy your trip!
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    Eldora, CO 2-10-08

    Well, since I'm the only Team Summit coach who wears a helmet (black with white goggles) wave hi if you get a moment. I'll likely have the Y6 & Y7 groups. I seem to be our only coach with enough patience to deal with the youngin's. Good luck!
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    Eldora, CO 2-10-08

    Hey, EMSC, I'm planning to coach the Eldora YSL in a couple of weeks so I hope to see you there! I've never been to Eldora so I'm looking forward to seeing your home mountain.
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    Deals for Copper?

    I'm not sure if you can get discount tickets at King Soopers anymore but when I drive through Silverthorne/Dillon/Frisco I see signs advertising discount tickets, I just don't know what mountain or what the discount is. Sorry I can't be of more help. :cry:
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    A-Basin, CO 1-12-08 (New Montezuma Bowl)

    Thanks for the report! I debated about heading over there on Sunday (I worked a race Saturday at Breck but didn't work the YSL Sunday) but decided on opening weekend it was probably crazy. Which it was, as I headed back over the pass from Keystone there were people parked in the highway pull...
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    Lift tickets recycled as Chrismas Tree oranments

    He never said he has lift tickets on the tree, it's Pajarito-Bred that has the lift tickets on the tree.
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    I skied Vail today and spent time in both Sun Down Bowl and Blue Sky Basin, I think this weekend's snow did wonders for the coverage there as I found no rocks once I got into Sun Down (found one, buried deep in Blue Sky) but enjoyed it very much. The front side is also looking great. Thanks...
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    Actually, the numbers being reported right now are giving more snow to Breckenridge than Vail but who knows what will happen through the day today and tomorrow. Last weekend's snow was quite wet and great for base building. so it helped significantly. I will now be in Vail overnight tonight...