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    Utah Alcohol Regulations

    Just bought a new house in Las Vegas. The Mrs. couldn't tolerate the "Polar Vortex" in Upstate NY. I'm always amused when I see a new posting on this topic. I was in LV just a few days (Last March) when I participated in a "Wine Tasting" at my local Albertson's supermarket at 11AM on a Sunday...
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    Utah Alcohol Regulations

    Hi Tony. I arrived in NV at the end of February but did not get to ski because of some minor surgery on my right ankle. I did take a drive up to the "Las Vegas Ski Resort." It is about 40 minutes northwest of the city. It seems like a pretty decent place to get in some turns for a good...
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    Utah Alcohol Regulations

    I lived in UT for six years and I found the LDS obsession with controlling the drinking behavior of adults both annoying and amusing. They consider their members children that must be constantly controlled by the Elders. Since I don't subscribe to their beliefs I didn't really care what they...
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    Hey Ira, Looks like you have your season rolling.
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    44"so far at Alta from this storm

    Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!! \:D/
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    Alta, UT 4/1/12

    Took note of both yesterday's high temps and last night's low temps and didn't bother to head up for day 98. Hope we get some real snow this week so I can make the 100 days mark.
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    Alta, UT 1/21/11

    Kingslug, with over a foot of snow falling overnight, today started with LCC closed, and BCC restricted to 4WD. By 10AM UDOT reported that both Brighton and Solitude parking lots were full and suggested taking the bus. LCC opened to Snowbird by 10:30 AM and then up to Alta by around Noon...
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    Alta, UT 1/21/11

    Not wanting to get into a long slow line of cars on a rainy(in the valley) and snowy Saturday morning I delayed going up LCC until around 10:45. The lower part of the canyon road was just wet and things moved nicely. Then, about two miles up from the Park and Ride things got interesting. A...
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    Alta, UT 12/18/2011

    Walked into Goldminer's just a few minutes before Admin left. The sun shone brightly and temps rose a bit during the afternoon so much of the "crunchies" eased up a bit. Nevertheless, we need SNOW! Driving back down into the valley was like diving into a muddy pond at around 6500 feet. We...
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    Alta, UT 11/19/2011

    Alta came through nicely today (Sat) and reminded me again why I moved here in 07. I spotted the crew on the Collins lift when they hailed me coming out of Watson's. The "crispy" stuff on most of the trails yesterday had been pleasantly covered and there were many nice untracked lines...
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    First snow - Uinta Mountains, UT 9/17/2011

    Ahhh...the smell of snow is in the air! Finally, getting older has a payoff. I turned 65 in May so I bought the Snowbird "Senior Mid-week Trams and Chairs" pass (before 9/15) for $549, and I will buy the Alta "Ski Pioneers 65- 79" pass for $599 by 9/28. That will give me both mountains all...
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    AltaBird, UT 6/25/11

    I only managed 65 this year due to heart surgery in Sep, a two month trip to the EC for the birth of my grandson during November-December, and a month-long cruise from Tahiti to Ft. Lauderdale in April. But I did manage to clock 115 days for the 2009-2010 season. I'm hoping to get close to...
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    Snowbird, UT 5/30/11

    Does this post constitute a "Kiss and Make Up" moment for you and Admin Tony? :lol:
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    Alta 2/1/11

    Like "beauty" a "chute" is in the eye of the beholder. When someone visits from places that essentially restrict skiers to groomed runs bordered by ropes, fences, and berms, anything that is reasonably steep with trees on either side looks like a chute. Nevertheless, this is a good topic for...
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    Alta 2/1/11

    I guess the fact that I was kidding about hiding places like the chute didn't come through in my post. It is a nice, wide, accessible chute useful to initiate a visitor to the fun of skiing Alta.
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    Alta 2/1/11

    I know the official policy is to try to dissuade people from skiing "our" chutes, but seeing Walter's grin after (very successfully) making the trip down through the chute, it looks like he will be back for more in the future. :-)
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    Alta 1/31

    You consider Draper the East Coast :?:
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    Alta 1/31

    Considering what we have had to ski this past week, I think Ira's enthusiasm was justified. I certainly didn't mind finding the bottom at times while kicking up nicely satisfying face shots when turning into the wind. Some of the chutes off Supreme were very sweet, and Wildcat was very...
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    Alta, UT 11/21/10

    In the picture taken from the lift chair it looks like my "Czars" are going up the mountain without me :-( Oh well, should have a new grandson here in NY within a week or so \:D/
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    Wasatch Autumn Images

    Thanks Marc, I have often wondered what those snow covered slopes look like without the snow.