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  1. joegm

    Stowe, vt, 2-29- 3-01

    LOL tony... u busted me.. while i do consider myself in good shape and try to maintain good fitness as much as i can, the result of the 2 days of bliss at stowe were significant on the physical side... my bumping skills have taken a good hit in the last 2 years and as a result i was loading a...
  2. joegm

    Stowe, vt, 2-29- 3-01

    skied stowe wed and thurs... 3rd day on snow this year...6th day on snow in 2 years... :roll: :shock: the irony is in this seemingly pretty bad season, i think i hit the best 2 days of the year...double irony is that i think it was in the top three trips ever to stowe... the combined 40 plus...
  3. joegm

    Wildcat, Nh, 4-14-11

    I skied Wildcat today for my 3rd day on snow this year and my 7th day on snow in 2 years :shock: ](*,) :roll: .... It was a classic wildcat april day which had me guessing correctly....the 3 and 1 2 hour drive up at 5 am had some anxious moments but my gut was right and the clouds parted...
  4. joegm

    Edelweiss QC: Return to Easyweiss or Winter Fail – Jan 2, 11

    just so you don't think you are alone, IMHO, the last 4 out of 5 years in new england have been nothing short of an epic fail....I 've pretty much been out of the game for the last 2 seasons ... somewhat because of this and mental exhaustion it brought chasing the snow here in the simply...
  5. joegm

    Bolton Valley, VT 12/19/2010

    great post.... your a lucky dude living where and how you do... don't ever take it for granted , as i m sure you don't ... keep living the dream!!!!
  6. joegm

    Jet Skis

    1) anyone know a place where i could rent and ride jet skis during the last week of sept.... anywhere... VT , NH or ME is fine.. salt water or fresh water is fine 2) anyone know when the jay water part is sceduled to be open?
  7. joegm

    one big mother-gettin bigger!

    is the expansion going in a northerly direction....?.... if so , how much time will that add to the 98 hour drive time to get there in the first place.... :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. joegm

    Super Pass available to all

    amen Anthony !!!!
  9. joegm

    Jan 3 09 - Snowstorm numbers and question

    i was in lincoln for new years and through the weekend.. left lincol at 8 am and just got back today .....i did not ski- cept for 1 day of cross country at bretton on friday.... all i can tell you is the the loon number is a total lie.. they have no shame .... it's at most 12 inches and...
  10. joegm

    Vermont Snow Updates 2009-10

    i thought we were keeping politics off the ski reports :twisted: but as usual though , like all good liberals, you just can't help yourself..... what's really ignorant are intolerant, hypocritical liberals :roll:... i wonder who is more likely to be a skier.. Sarah or Barak :roll:
  11. joegm

    Vermont Snow Updates 2009-10

    actually, the biggest waste of time and space is your post in regards to the thread....have you actually looked at some of the photos and details of what this guy is taking the time to put up?.....have you seen what he has done with his kids and what he has them skiing ?.....i don't even know...
  12. joegm

    Turkey and Turns Not Looking Likely in NE

    yellow predatorwear pants with black knee patches... black and white head mad trix mogul skis ( u'll recognize em those skinny skis that no one skis anymore :roll: :wink: ) helmet.... c u there bro....
  13. joegm

    Turkey and Turns Not Looking Likely in NE

    id rather ski 1 trail and soft snow when it's 45f to 50f and sunny all day long than 100 trails when it's 5f and it's hard packed, man made crappola
  14. joegm

    Turkey and Turns Not Looking Likely in NE

    let me know if you are going to be on the hill either day....we ll hook up
  15. joegm

    Turkey and Turns Not Looking Likely in NE

    my guess is that this upcoming week will be some of the best skiing ( for my purposes anyways ) for the next 4 to 6 weeks... blue sky and temps approaching 45 to 50? no snow guns blowin in ur face and no hard packed fake....come on fellas , get out there ](*,) .. i'll be at sunday river for...
  16. joegm

    Wind Power at Ski Areas

    amen to that tony...typical Ted Kennedy lefty hypocrisy ... they should be planting wind turbines everywhere they can, as many as they can, as often as they can....except of course, if it ruins the view of the " beautiful people "....
  17. joegm

    The Where Have the Moguls Gone Debate, 2009 Version

    the answer , as i ve told you before is 2 fold.... the drive from my place is only worse than one other place .. the outpost called sugarloaf and 2 ) when it is bad at MRG, it is REALLY bad....that's not to say that when it is good there , it is just about as good as it gets, because it is...
  18. joegm

    The Where Have the Moguls Gone Debate, 2009 Version

    if there are any skiers that are more legit than good bumpers on the the hill, they are the telemarkers....and don't even ask me about telies who ski about the cream of the crop =D> =D> =D>
  19. joegm

    The Where Have the Moguls Gone Debate, 2009 Version

    ahh Geoff, you are just so full of it on this it is stunning... a public bump course ON A BLUE SQUARE would not be destroyed in minutes...that is just a really dumb statement and it shows you are biased against the idea ( for whatever reason ) a week to 10 days ? yes that would get hacked up...
  20. joegm

    The Where Have the Moguls Gone Debate, 2009 Version

    bump skiing has changed quite a bit in the last 20 years....the techniques used then, and even more so now though , are the skills that make up a superior don't have to be 19 and on the us ski team to tackle skiing bumps... you need a good base of knowledge from non psia...