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  1. Jonny D

    Smuggs 12/07

    That was an awesome report. Can't wait to read more!
  2. Jonny D

    Mont St-Bruno - (QC) - Oct 29, 2007

    You're an animal FrankO :D Congrats on the October turns, even with a list of excuses that long!
  3. Jonny D

    powder mag article

    Haven't got the Nov issue yet, but I agree about the quality dipping a bit, but also loved the Deep Thoughts article too.
  4. Jonny D

    a long way from home, showing MRG colors

    Holy Cow. Waiting 5 weeks for photo op? You have much more patience (and memory) than I. I agree with Admin. Don't leave us hangin'.
  5. Jonny D

    Dec 30st - Jan 5th, Eastern Trip.

    Touché! :lol:
  6. Jonny D

    Dec 30st - Jan 5th, Eastern Trip.

    My only thought in avoiding the northern latitudes of Quebec had been that it can be bitterly cold. I have spent a few days at Tremblant around Christmas where the temp was -30C, which is way too cold for enjoyable skiing. However I do realize that colder average temperatures could mean the...
  7. Jonny D

    Dec 30st - Jan 5th, Eastern Trip.

    Ok, time to get out your crystal ball: Where's it going to snow that week??? Just kidding. I've got a week, and 4 friends, intermediate to expert, and we're heading east. We've been thinking about trying to find a single place to stay for the entire week, but being able to visit between 2 & 3...
  8. Jonny D

    Killington Bond Passes, ASC and Powdr Corp

    That synopsis seems pretty clear, and would indicate a very strong inclination to get things financially on track before doing much else to the resort. It also shows that they have created a clear mandate to make more money from a smaller core of visitors. The devil is in the details though...
  9. Jonny D

    Killington Bond Passes, ASC and Powdr Corp

    I would agree that from a purely legal standpoint this is entirely justified. It looks like it would even make sense economically, since you don't have to give away a service your company wasn't paid for in the first place. However, the optics are terrible on this one. It looks really bad when...
  10. Jonny D

    Killington Closing Day 05/06/07

    Nice trip pics! Looks like a good time was had by all 8)
  11. Jonny D

    Your 2006-07 Ski Day Count

    That's not the issue, my wife was very much in favor of me taking a week with a friend to head up to WB this month (report still coming). The biggest issue is that anywhere within 2 hrs cost about $50+ and has 700 vert or less. It's hard to justify 10 local days when that would get me half of a...
  12. Jonny D

    Your 2006-07 Ski Day Count

    Almost an all time-low for me this year: 7 total -------- 6 @ Whistler-Blackcomb 1 @ Blue Mountain (Ontario)
  13. Jonny D

    Surprising Jackson Hole 2nd Highest Skier Visits in 2006-07

    I'm stunned by this as well. I never would have guessed that less snow and no tram would have resulted in more skier visits this season. I suppose that Tony is right, no such thing as bad publicity...
  14. Jonny D

    wb springtime

    Yeah, I've never been to WB when the bottom half was open (well, technically there was a ski-out on Blackcomb, but it was a ribbon...) and that doesn't matter one bit. There is just soooooo much terrain. This week will determine when & how long I'll be out there.... :lol:
  15. Jonny D

    wb springtime

    I was thinking about coming out sometime during the week of april 12th. Any ideas if a) most of the crowds will have left by or b) there will be a zillion people due to the Telus WSSF and c) if the long term weather indicates freeze-thaw into the alpine regions? Every time I got to whistler in...
  16. Jonny D

    30" + on Tug Hill

    =D> \:D/
  17. Jonny D

    Jay Peak: Jan 27th -- End of season ;(

    Good luck, here's wishing you a speedy recovery.
  18. Jonny D

    Tremblant, QC - January 20, 2007 - brrrrrr

    I used to use those chem packs, but my hands & feet would start to sweat, which would accelerate the chemical reaction, making them hotter! Now I just take breaks when I'm cold.
  19. Jonny D

    Tremblant, QC - January 20, 2007 - brrrrrr

    These are also some of my favorite, because MCA, Banzai & "the censored run" are all narrow, and frequently get missed by 99% of the skiers. They're also nice and challenging. CBC is also a lot of fun in that respect, given that it's longer and narrow, and not even straight. However, I would say...
  20. Jonny D

    Global Warming and Skiing

    Amen! They can't have thier cake and eat it too. (But I'm biased: I'm a huge proponent of windpower.) Agreed. I see why people are opposed to them, since most of their exposure is the sooty, belching transport tucks and local buses, but VW has been making (what I judge to be) reasonably clean...