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  1. Old School Carver

    Just Do it!

    Clean up the yard. Put away summer toys. Drag a file accross your rusty edges. Wax for the first snowfall.
  2. Old School Carver

    cool web site

  3. Old School Carver

    Holiday Valley, NY terrain park

    The Head of Risk Management went to Mammoth at the end of last season. He came back with wider eyes and a whole new perspective.
  4. Old School Carver

    Termas de Chillan / Valle Nevado 18Aug-30Aug

    Face shots galore! I'm crying right now because I'm so happy for you.
  5. Old School Carver

    Las Lenas, Sept. 3-9

    untracked windbuff on Marte (squirrel and arty approve) Why is there nobody on the lift? count the date/time stamps...nearly 5 hours of bluebird Marte laps, these blessed bastards!
  6. Old School Carver

    Parks and Pipes and Steeze

    Pipe = no speed checking, straight up...straight down Park booter = evaulate the needed velocity. Example for a 40+ Wu-Tang Booter: Get going in fifth gear and pull in the clutch - NO Speed checking! 2-5 feet after leaving the lip bust a move and hold it until you spot your landing. Let go to...
  7. Old School Carver

    Guiding someone through their first true carve

    Carving is the source man...... Tip and rip it! :wink: Photo Copyright © Mark Gallup/Burton Snowboards
  8. Old School Carver

    snowboarding in 1985 (20yrs ago)

    I would punch that guy right in his mustache! Oh that era pissed me off. I lived throught all that BS. Innovation won! Narrow minds lost! What a great video for keeps sake, thanks.
  9. Old School Carver

    Living down under

    You can always find work doing something. I once rolled tortillas for $3 an hour with my Sweedish Flatmate. He said, "Ah, it is a hard life to be a ski bum ya?" I've spent 6 full seasons down in the South Island. First in Queenstown, two at Trebble Cone doing Race Crew just for the pass, two...
  10. Old School Carver

    Holiday Valley, NY terrain park

    click to enlarge Kids these days... :wink: Marcus BS 540 Photo: Billy Bacon