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    Alps Trip Late January

    I'll be at Portes du Soleil Jan 24th weekend skiing solo. At this point I'm taking train from airport, 2.5 hrs, and staying at Champery. Looks like they will have good coverage. Supposedly Champery is a charming Swiss village, i have a room for about $100/nt. Champery is at the edge of...
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    Touring Disaster on the Haute Route

    hey, thanks for posting this good read. makes me want to get over there and take my chances too. i've read the Outside print for decades, guess I'll have to make sure i read the online site too.
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    Kicking Horse, B.C., Feb.21, 2017

    I appreciate the report. Makes me want to get back there someday and hit what I missed.
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    Alta, UT 12/28/14

    Wow! I really appreciate your reports. "It" happens elsewhere, but the LCC is the best skiing on Planet Earth.
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    Interesting piece on Lintzen/climate change

    I actually have my own brain. Climate science is about stealing your brain. I am a human being, I am not a parrot. I can think for myself. Sadly, the world is full of deception and thievery coming at us from so-called reputable sources. Who do you think the peers are in "peer review"...
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    Interesting piece on Lintzen/climate change

    Geoff, they are not interested in energy. IMHO it is unlikely that humans have any real effect on global climate, except making cities warmer and local effects from land use changes. CO2 has changed from 300ppm to 400ppm over the last >100 years. It is likely that not all of that is from...
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    Interesting piece on Lintzen/climate change

    Why of course it is being used to take our money. All alternative energy is more expensive and harmful to our environment. They have to come up with some crazy scheme or "common sense" people would say, that sounds crazy. But the common sense people are not running things anymore. Money is...
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    Snowbird UT 3/18/2014

    nice report. they reported only 2.5" of snow next door.
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    Interesting piece on Lintzen/climate change

    What is interesting is how absurdly stupid the human race appears to be, but they are good writers, that's for sure. They are good at spouting sheer nonsense which sounds very convincing. You can go here, to the NOAA State temp data site. and plot Utah Feb...
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    Interesting piece on Lintzen/climate change

    Horrifying???? The size of that glacier piece is like a pebble in the ocean. yet, it is completely ignored that in Antartica it is the summer, and has record summer minimum, which according to this poster the excess is 1/10 of the ENTIRE SIZE OF GREENLAND...
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    Interesting piece on Lintzen/climate change

    >and people say mistakes of the past can't happen again today. oh mistakes are happening again, we are seeming the same mass delusion and thieving that has gone on since man was on this earth. we've even seen in a number of times in the past 15 years - the tech bubble, the iraq war and the...
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    Interesting piece on Lintzen/climate change

    This is a perfect example of the sheer nonsense our minds our pummeled with each days. I happened to catch this 2007 60 minutes segment on Antarctica. Sure the glaciers are melting. Horrifying!!!! ok, glaciers are melting, at elevation, yet...
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    Interesting piece on Lintzen/climate change

    >However, it's the speed of the change that most climate scientists focus on. the speed of change is at most 1F since 1940, the climate scientists focus on saying whatever will horrify you. The IPCC blames humans for the warming since 1950, the rate of warming from 1880-1940 was actually a...
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    Interesting piece on Lintzen/climate change

    what i find fascinating is how much these european glaciers grew in the 1700's. wiping away towns that were there for hundreds of years. why did that happen? decreased CO2? of course alarmists have no need for history, they rely on complex mathematical models of slivers of tree rings etc for...
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    Interesting piece on Lintzen/climate change

    >Check out this video though, it's pretty horrifying. rfarren, seems like you don't understand glaciers very well. it's absurd that this would horrify anyone in reference to "climate change". I would only be horrified if I happened to be anywhere nearby in a boat. Show me a glacier receding...
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    Interesting piece on Lintzen/climate change

    re: Yahoo about 1 in 20,000 parts changing to CO2. Yes & No. Yes, a 1/20,000 mixture of cyanide would likely kill you. First - most people have no idea whatsoever that the CO2 that we are pumping into the atmosphere is not really changing it except on a miniscule scale. (let's exclude...
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    SLC, 2/8-2/11/2014 (Solitude, Snow Basin, Powder Mountain)

    Looks like you really go the goods from Utah all around! and you can't beat a Snowbasin lunch anywhere.
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    Interesting piece on Lintzen/climate change

    re above: 3) "Tea Partiers" who believe it's all a vast socialist plot. It's all a socialist plot, invented by them to take our money and it has worked quite well. We can blame the Climate Change SCAM all on George Bush. Yes, truly Blame it on Bush. The Iraq invasion was based on false...
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    same for predicting the coming hurricane season. NOAA gave a 70% chance of 13 to 20 named storms, there were 2. they predicted 3 to 6 major hurricanes(cat 3-5), there wasn't even a cat 2. ... antic.html ...
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    Brighton/Solitude v. Sbird/Alta

    A huge problem in advancing to a higher level is not using your poles correctly or not using them at all. If you think you need short skis, it is likely that you are not using your poles to initiate your turns. I always say, "ski with your poles,not your legs". Meaning, a deliberate pole...