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    The Snow Report
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    CEO of Tenny Mountain to speak on Tuesday, Dec. 8th in Mass.

    Tenney mountain reopens under new and highly capable management this month, after years offline. For everyone in the Boston area, Sir Michael Bouchard, CEO, Tenny mountain will be at the ACE Ski and Board Club meeting this TUESDAY, December 8th at the Chelmsford Elks Lodge, Chelmsford, Mass...
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    For those who have ever wondered...

    My sympathies. Once saw a fellow drive off with the box top left open and all his gear inside.
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    Helping Boots and Mitts for WARMTH!!

    Love to hear from someone using boot gloves. One of my friends swears by them. They are short money so I may give them a try on the coldest of days. May look a little dumb, but if I enjoy the day more, that's all that matters!
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    Helping Boots and Mitts for WARMTH!!

    Just browsing these old posts. I buy chemical hand and toe warmers by the box. For the first time last season, i found that if I neglect to take them out of the gloves for an extended period, the casing actually disintegrates. When I finally took them out, the grey powder spread all over...
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    Looking to swap alpine midfat skis

    "Looking to swap alpine midfat skis Willing to swap Fisher Atua skis 123-96-119mm, 186cm long for something a bit shorter (163-ish) with about 95-100-ish under foot (or buy similar at a really good price. These are 2005 models, with about 2-3 days each season on them all in powder. Minor...
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    Do Skiers Always Want Bigger & Faster?

    Meh. Whatever can be done to ease the trail congestion is my preference. If that means single chairs or slow lifts or t-bars, fine with me. Then again, I don't need cushy and almost nobody would go along with me. ha! ha! :lol: I solve the problem by spending 90% of my year in the woods...
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    12/8 - Jeremy Davis, New England Lost Ski Area Project

    Yepper! He's on the Board of Directors too. Can we ski now? Pleeeeeeeeese? ](*,)
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    heated gloves

    I know you didn't ask, but.. I buy a box of hand warmers at costco for $18 each year. I put one of them on the back of my hands inside the glove. Works perfect, pretty cheap!
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    Ski Pants?

    I know, I'm late to the partee here. I looked for a few years for a pair of pants that would last me another decade. I absolutely love the Karbon Nitrogen pants ($200). Very waterproof (good for spring skiing). They make short - let's be specific - I am a 28" inseam, they fit perfectly and...
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    It's pretty quiet in here.

    Not much traffic. What's up?
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    12/8 - Jeremy Davis, New England Lost Ski Area Project

    And another. We're busy this year Bill Jeremy Davis, author and founder of The New England Lost Ski Area Project (NELSAP) will present a lecture and book signing at the ACE Ski and Board Club meeting on December 8th, 2011 in Chelmsford Massachusetts. Mr. Davis is the author of “Lost Ski...
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    10/25 Book Signing/Presentation "A History of Cannon Mt."

    Yeah, this is a bit formal, but it's gone out to the press. Sometimes you gotta get a little serious. Hope you can join us. Bill Book Signing and Presentation: "A History of Cannon Mountain" – October 25, 2011 Meghan McCarthy McPhaul author of A History of Cannon Mountain: Trails, Tales and...
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    Wilderness First Aid Book Recommendation?

    Wilderness First Aid Book Recommendation? I'm looking for a good wilderness medicine book to read while on an extended trip. I recognize it's not a substitute for hands-on training, but I'll have extensive downtime and this is my current area of interest. To short-circuit comments about...
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    Eastern closing dates thread 2008-2009

    oops! good catch. sorry about that :oops:
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    Eastern closing dates thread 2008-2009

    1. 4/11 Resort feed to 2. 3. A friend just back from the Loaf reporting he was told the same thing. I very well may be there tomorrow.
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    Classic Eastern ski trails

    Classics are for me too. Keeps me on my toes, keeps things interesting, lots of quick decision-making, beautiful trails. I solicited nominees for classic northeast trails at Alpine Zone. I culled the list and posted it. would be interested in...
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    Eastern closing dates thread 2008-2009

    Jay - May 04: last day
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    Swain is closing

    reunion time. BSEE 1980. :mrgreen: Little time to socialize, little time to ski, a grueling major. It didn't make huge leaps in skiing until I graduated and had this novel thing called nights and weekends back Seems to me the second year I went to Bristol. I never really go into those...
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    sub par ???

    J's comments are spot-on. The longer I ski, the more I realize there are several different interest camps, from family groomers, to steep marked, to slack country to BC and everywhere inbetween. I sure hope the glory days of online TRs are not over. I need them living down in the flatlands...