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    Teton Pass road collapses

    I read today that the Wyoming DOT may try to cut a temporary detour through part of the forest that is close to the section of the road that collapsed and they think it may take only weeks to get it open. From the photos I saw, I'm not sure how they will do this but they are under pressure to...
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    Teton Pass road collapses

    I don't know how many people saw this news story but a section of Teton Pass between Jackson Hole and Driggs, Idaho catastrophically failed in a major disaster. It's truly frightening when you see the photos of the total collapse of the underlying road structure. Amazing that no one was hurt...
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    Grand Targhee - Powder Day - 5/23/24 Webcam from the Grand Targhee base at 4:30 PM (EST) on 5/23/24. Over a foot of new snow in the past 24 hours. Not sure of the consistency of the snow but they are now allowing uphill traffic on the mountain.
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    Americans Moving to Florida?

    Thanks, Chris! You've now convinced me to NEVER move to Florida (either permanently or for the winter months); I have visited for short periods of time and it can be nice, in certain areas, to spend a week or two in the Winter or early Spring to get out of the Northeast cold.
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    Death in the Swiss Backcountry

    Terrible and very sad story. As the parent of an only child, my heart aches for her parents. I'm not sure what the moral is but Mother Nature can be a very cruel mistress at times. This (almost) exact same tragedy occurred to friends of ours in western Massachusetts about 10 or 12 years ago...
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    Total Solar Eclipse, Apr. 8, 2024

    Latest forecast for the Plattsburgh, NY area in northeastern NY state (in the center of the path of totality) is for mostly clear and sunny skies in the afternoon of April 8, with a forecasted cloud cover of 18%. Of course, they may get 1 to 2 feet of snow later this week from a powerful coastal...
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    Total Solar Eclipse, Apr. 8, 2024

    Thanks, Tony, for all that information! Yea, my estimate of, maybe a 20 to 25% chance of a clear or mostly clear day in upstate NY in early April was purely a guess based on my anecdotal experience of living in the Northeast most of my life. At this time of year, we seem to get a lot of...
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    Total Solar Eclipse, Apr. 8, 2024

    I hadn't really given much thought to travelling to see the total eclipse but now that we're getting closer, I'm thinking I may drive up to northern NY state. I can be in Plattsburgh, NY (right in the middle of the path of totality, with an estimate total eclipse of about 3;30 minutes) in about...
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    Mt. Tremblant - 03/04/24

    No, the glades were not skiable and were roped off. Basically, the only terrain that was skiable was those trails that had snowmaking. Normally, they try to get to the middle of April, but, unless we get some substantial snowstorms, I doubt they'll make it that long. It really has been a...
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    Mt. Tremblant - 03/04/24

    Drove up to Montreal on Sunday to visit my daughter and we skied at Mt. Tremblant on Monday, March 4. It was strange driving up interstate 87 (the “Northway”) through the Adirondacks because there was no snow at the lower elevations, not even piles of snow on the side of the road, from plowing...
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    Western Weather 2017-18 and Later

    68" of new snow at Jackson Hole at the top of the mountain, so far in the first week of March. 17" in the past 24 hours.
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    Northeastern U.S. Weather

    Thanks for those charts, Tony. Excuse my stupidity ("statistics was, by far, my lowest grade in college), but I'm not sure I understand the "total water as the percent of total snow" chart. I assume the higher percent number on the chart mean more "liquid precipitation" (i.e., rain) in the given...
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    Northeastern U.S. Weather

    Welcome to the post-climate change world in New England - terrible Summers - warm, humid and rainy - and horrible Winters - warmer, mostly rain with some snow, along with flashes of cold that just freeze all of the liquid precipitation that has fallen. Even the Fall seasons, that generally used...
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    Euro Body Bags

    I had an acquaintance who would spend six weeks every winter heli-skiiing with CHM (the only skiing he did, I believe) and I once asked him how many vertical feet he had accumulated; he casually replied, "Oh, I think something over 14 million". I'm not sure if he had 14 separate one-piece CHM suits?
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    Northeastern U.S. Weather

    Yea, I was supposed to go up this weekend but the weather forecast is for maybe some rain on Friday, even at Mt. Tremblant, and then turning very cold and windy on Saturday. Does not sound like a pleasant day to ski. I admit I've become somewhat of a skiing wimp when it comes to cold weather, as...
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    Northeastern U.S. Weather

    Not here in central New England. Almost completely bare ground in the Berkshires of western New England. We've had very little snow and quite a bit of rain and warmer temps. The local ski hills have been able to make enough snow to get almost 100% of their terrain open but no natural snow on...
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    Where to Go for New Years?

    Interestingly, I just looked at the live web cams for both Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole. Looks like almost no one is skiing at either resort this week. Pretty much ski on to all of the major lifts at both resorts and GT is reporting thin coverage on any south-facing slopes. I wonder if a lot...
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    Why does Killington host FIS World Cups over Thanksgiving?

    I would guess Killington thinks it is prestigious to host a World Cup race and probably think it is "free" publicity for the resort. I'm not sure it drives huge numbers of skiers to go to Killington over the course of the Winter but I have no numbers to back that up.
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    Tuckerman Ravine, April 28, 1990

    I don't even consider what some of the "extreme" skiers do on extremely steep (and narrow) terrain (like here) to be even "skiing". They just throw their skis back and forth across the fall line (with "jump turns") and try to set an edge to stop their momentum down the slope. IMHO, more like...
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    Game changer: Ski Ward MA - 1st outdoor area to open in the East

    I can't help but laugh when I read this thread. I grew up two towns over from "Ward Hill" (as it was known in the 60's) and I, more or less, learned to ski there, as a kid. It had, maybe, 200 feet of "vertical" with a T-bar and, I think, 1 or 2 rope tows. Typical small, local, central New...