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    Whisper Ridge Cat Skiing, UT 1/16/2016

    Looks fun, but im with crocker on this one. Low elevation. Not a ton of vert and for something over $500 for a day? Not likely something I'd ever do unless it was free. Good luck to them.
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    Alta, UT 1/9/2016

    Not before we did lol
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    Alta, UT 1/9/2016

    We went out right at the secret spot. Took Kay, Arnie, Dwore and Nelson over there. Untracked all the way. Also out Patsy Down the gully. Fabulous.
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    Alta, UT 1/1/2016

    Perlas slid to main Street natural. Main st was closed on our way back from skiing pure fun wind sift off chartrusse nose area off sugarloaf. Winds didn't bother me much.
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    Alta, UT 12/17/2015

    Guess they opened the t. Heard it got ugly pretty quick. Hope they keep it open.
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    Alta, UT 12/17/2015

    Ha I was first through that main street opening. Got literally all 4 of our little chute shots over at the corner untracked, one after the other. Mid station laps. I might head up for supreme laps in the morning though. Should be settled and smooth.
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    agreed on travel issues. ABS more difficult than BCA Float system. Scuba shops and most firehouses can fill BCA canisters. Actually liked Western NA forum better as the audience that might see it might be wider and have many more as you see fit my friend. M
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    Dont know that we have a specific "Gear" or "tech" talk area, and im only posting this here Admin or Crocker can choose to add it to other locations, but i felt if anything it fit best in the western forum. ... k-diamond/ Ive always liked the idea of the...
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    Wow Snowbird

    But a 10 day head start? cmon give the hoardes the cirque....seems short sighted....
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    Wow Snowbird

    No more p-gulch, Mineral Closes May 4 according to website And updated closing information. May 10th...I feel for anyone who bought a spring pass....heck I feel sorry for anyone who bought a season pass, but thats another story altogether :stir...
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    Alta, UT 3/1/15

    I think Wednesday's the day..... Tomorrow will be very cold and it looks like the main precip will happen on tuesday. Wind chills -4ish....likely won't open any backside/ballroom/etc. Not saying tomorrow won't be good, but if i were picking..Wednesday would be the day.. Either way..expect a...
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    PCMR Loses to Vail Resorts

    Much like has been said, and im far from any legal expert, seemed it would go this way.. cumming is going to have to eat his own words im sure. That base area will indeed but used by Vail that ski resort will not remain dormant just because Powdr has its panties in a bunch for being stupid. I...
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    Snowbird Late Season Ops

    just solidifies my decision to not get a combo pass. Looks like with the upgrades that no matter what amount of snow falls between now and end of may that snowbird will finish day to day on or about memorial day. And if I recall Alta will be open for Fri-Sun operations for the next 2 weekends...
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    Alta, UT 3/18/2014

    I dont know what the percentage is, but i literally skied 13 runs yesterday and the ONLY one that was not untracked was Eagles Nest and that was still what id consider "cut up pow". Otherwise 12 blissful deep untracked runs at Alta on a 12" day of 6% in march? Some would say unheard of....i'd...
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    Alta/Snowbird 3/12/14, Little Chute!

    Its all we skied that day...literally...just baldy after baldy after.........i was was fun. I've also ripped regulators with bobbyd in the spring, racing the tram. One day we got 5 back to backs and only missed #6 by about 3 seconds (tram light on desk just went red as we entered...
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    Utah Alcohol Regulations

    ZION CURTAIN REMAINS..... Still makes so little sens to me the justification for the Zion curtain. So the theory is if the "kids" can't see the booze they won't drink any? Riiiiiiggggghhhhhttttt....If they wanna drink it they will drink it...should be more about family values than putting on...
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    High Campbell Chairlift at Crystal Damaged by Avalanche

    Damaged? Try gone.....I didnt follow that link but there is drone footage of the aftermath and part of a patrollers cell video that catches the chairs whipping around and whatnot. Crazy....
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    Alta/Snowbird 3/12/14, Little Chute!

    BobbyD and I were just talking about how over the last 2 or so seasons Snowbird has not been opening the gate to go all the way up Baldy until Alta was closed. Good to see it open, much more mellow hike from that side of baldy. I do not have the luxury of going that way anymore as I do not hold...
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    Snowbird/Alta, UT 3/9/14

    Thanks for leaving me out of the group....meany O:) I was with you too.... fun day...I dont ski snowbird all that much anymore, but boy did I have a fun time. Short lines (one of the reasons i dont head over much anymore) great snow, great weather, and great people. I don't miss it all that...
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    AltaBird 3/2/2014

    no matter the gap or who's numbers are what... It beats the hell out of Mammoth.. :stir: