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  1. Powderqueen

    Sunshine Village, AB, Feb. 26, 2015

    We went to Revelstoke, and indeed, it was firm and fast. I had to rent a pair of skinnier and stiffer skis to enjoy skiing the groomers there, the true sign of a powder ski trip fail. I spent the first day on my Rossi S7s and all that vibration of a soft fat ski on the firm frozen base was not...
  2. Powderqueen

    Kicking Horse, BC, Feb. 24, 2015

    We were there the same day! Skied the same lines. Tony, is there anything steeper and longer than those lines into Feuz bowl? Fabulous and felt steeper than Snowbird.
  3. Powderqueen

    Some Love for Eastern Snow from Wasatch Weather Weenies

    FWIW, Last week I skied 57" of lake effect snow on the Tug. It was the deepest snow I've ever skied. The deepest snow I skied before that was in the Wasatch after a 3 day storm cycle. The snow was equally light and fluffy. The differences were 1. I skied opening day on unpacked, unsettled snow...
  4. Powderqueen

    Acidchrist approved conditions

    True dat! What a great day. That was the most snow I've ever skied. My calves are so sore. More pix and a brief trip report here ... 33416.html
  5. Powderqueen

    Killington 12/7/13

    Killington was just as crazy as always on the WROD. Weather was wintry, and the warm days prior made the base firm and fast. We got out there early and skied the non-snowmaking areas first before they got skied off...and that they surely did. The sound of teenage boys on snowboards scraping...
  6. Powderqueen

    Greek Peak opened earliest ever!!

    Greek Peak opened this past Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). They ran 3 lifts with 3 trails. It was pretty good. A little crowded, but not as bad as Killington's Great Northern to Bunny Buster. They are working hard on the new bar/restaurant to get it open by the holidays. Same for the...
  7. Powderqueen

    Killington Opens This Weekend

    OK, I'll bite. I skied the Big K Nov 10th and it was pretty darn good eastern skiing. Sure, there were a lot of people on just a few slopes. The line at the triple was only a few minutes. They had East Glade/Reason, Rime, Upper East Fall, Upper Double Dipper, Killink, Great Northern, Bunny...
  8. Powderqueen


    Harvey Road magazine put up a piece I wrote about Montana
  9. Powderqueen

    Greek Peak lives!!!

    New owners from Elmira bought it for $7.5 million. Debt load was $47 million. Seasons passes are on sale for $299 (and much less if you buy for your family). We are all pretty happy about this here. They new owners are skiers and plan to expand glades and snowmaking. It may be a while before...
  10. Powderqueen

    Big Sky 3/22-3/23 2013

    oops, I got the dates wrong. we skied Friday and Saturday at Big Sky. On Sunday we went to Bridger. I edited the dates to be correct. I'm still pretty tired from it all and haven't been in my right mind since I got home. The tram opened Saturday, so that's when we saw the most people...lined...
  11. Powderqueen

    Big Sky 3/22-3/23 2013

    There was plenty of great terrain to ski. Tons of tree skiing and some steep bowls/ridges. While I would have liked to have done another run on Lone Peak, we did not suffer. When I go back, I plan to spend at least 3 days at Big Sky. There is so much to ski there, and the locals are really cool...
  12. Powderqueen

    Whitefish Montana 3/18-3/20 2013

    I was wondering what the vert was on Limelight. It still skis big. By our 4th day I didn't mind if it was shorter anyway. I seemed to be burning at the end of every run. We did find that short cut back. The rest of the place is a very family-friendly place and they did a nice job grooming.
  13. Powderqueen

    Ski Discovery MT 3/21/13

    Good idea! Montana rocks!! I hope you get more powder and sunny weather!!
  14. Powderqueen

    Big Sky 3/22-3/23 2013

    =D> that is so awesome that your kid skied that! I wish I had skied that too! We didn't go back to wait for the tram, though I really wanted to. The guys would rather ski than wait. I was tired so I would rather have quality than quantity, but would rather ski with my friends than alone. We...
  15. Powderqueen

    Ski Discovery MT 3/21/13

    We had to choose between Disco and Lost Trail and decided on Disco for it's proximity to our next destination. Also, my traveling companions were there last year and Limelight was not running. They really wanted to check it out. With the new snow, and fewer miles to drive, plus the $49 ski n...
  16. Powderqueen

    Big Sky 3/22-3/23 2013

    I've been to a lot of ski resorts throughout the US, Canada and a few in Europe, but I don't think I've ever been as awed as I was by Big Sky. It was our 5th and 6th consecutive days of skiing, and we were pretty beat, but the awesomeness of this mountain renewed our energy. The tram had not...
  17. Powderqueen

    Ski Discovery MT 3/21/13

    I think Disco is so far from anything that it will never be very busy. we didn't see anyone on Limelight. I think there were more acres per skier than at Big Sky, which has over 5500 acres!! We were going to stay in Philipsburg, but when we found this deal at the Trade Winds in Anaconda, we...
  18. Powderqueen

    Ski Discovery MT 3/21/13

    Ski Discovery is a gem, off the beaten path, with a 2400 vertical drop and a very steep backside. We were there on a Wednesday and there were barely 100 people there and they were not skiing where we were skiing. We skied as much untouched powder as our legs allowed after 4 days of skiing.
  19. Powderqueen

    Whitefish Montana 3/18-3/20 2013

    The runs are plenty long at Discovery with a vert drop of 2400'