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  1. mrgskier

    Alta, UT 2/6/19 - Can't get there from here

    Yup. We were denied in BCC today. We headed up at 10am, drove 30 minutes only to be turned around by the sheriff just short of the resort. "It's a shit show up there" was the exact quote from the LEO. So, Crocker was right. Sub par season, everyone should go to Tahoe. They got 120" instead...
  2. mrgskier

    Video TR: Valley of the Gods, Monument Valley and Navajo NM

    Marc: Very nice! I really enjoyed the video, but was disappointed you did not make it into Monument Valley. I guess I will have to go see for myself!
  3. mrgskier

    (non-skiing) Santaquin Meadows, UT camping 8/25-27/2017

    Marc: Another great adventure with your camper! The scenery and camp site looked awesome! Can't wait until our return to Utah....
  4. mrgskier

    TR (non-skiing): Utah camping 6/1-4/2017

    Marc, looks like a blast! Some really nice camping spots. I did take note of Forsyth on a trip down to Capital Reef in March. Seems like a very very nice spot. New trailer looks like plush living. Very glad you are enjoying summer in Utah!
  5. mrgskier

    (Almost) Snowbird, UT 4/29/2017

    Skiing was good....and we avoided most of the lines by riding lifts all day. But sometimes the karma is just not with you....
  6. mrgskier

    Alta, UT 12/28/2016

    For example, Thunder Bowl at Snowbird which opened for first time today as well. Yup, it was deep and untracked.
  7. mrgskier

    Alta, UT 12/23/2016

    Indeed, my new handle is snowbirdskir, as in! We had a wonderful time skiing with Marc and the gang. My mom was still glowing this morning as I dropped her off at the airport to return east to the other half of her family. Thank you Marc, for capturing a slice of joy!
  8. mrgskier

    Alta, UT 12/18/2016

    We will be there on Thursday! Leave some for us...
  9. mrgskier

    Alta, UT 12/9/2016

    Marc, sorry to hear about the ankle! I hope it heals fast! Your turns looked soft and plush, though. A great day!
  10. mrgskier

    Backcountry Skiing - Uinta Mountains, UT - 5/28/2016

    Looks like an awesome day with the gang! Perfect corn, perfect weather and perfect companions! Someday.....
  11. mrgskier

    Alta (& a bit of Snowbird) March & April 2016 in pictures

    Great pix, Marc! I wish our gang could have joined you for last day at Alta and 13" of fresh! We did our last day at Sugarbush on the shaved ice, a stark contrast to the fantastic skiing we had in LCC this year. But it was day 113 for me...and perhaps I will end my season on that prime number.
  12. mrgskier

    Alta, UT 3/5-7/2016

    Can't wait to return. Hit day 74 yesterday when I hiked Mad River to ski the icy bumps covered with a crusting of snow. MRG is now closed mid week and has vowed "not to open the main mountain until we have significantly more snow". Lots of luck with that...rain and temps into the high 50s due...
  13. mrgskier

    Alta Ski Area and touring Dry Fork, UT 1/10/2016

    Looks wonderful, Marc! Someday.....
  14. mrgskier

    Solitude, UT 12/7/2015

    Been a long time since I have been to maybe over 20 years. Time to put it on the punch list.
  15. mrgskier

    Grizzly Gulch (Alta) to Honeycomb Cliffs (Solitude), UT

    I hiked your route almost exactly today. Very nice route and interesting sights and scenes. The Twin Lakes reservoir is much lower than the picture you took. Enjoyed the old boiler at Prince of Wales mine too! Thanks for spurred me for a great hike!
  16. mrgskier

    Alta, UT closing day 4/26/2015

    Marc, Looks like a great party, but as noted, woefully under attended. Too bad the fog closed in...I heard Snowbird had Mineral and Road to Provo closed, keeping them hemmed in as well. Seems like that sums up the the year "The pleasure and the pain!" I finished the year with 115 days...
  17. mrgskier

    Alta, UT 4/18/2015

    We just heard about Amy's injury last night... I hope for a speedy recovery!!! We will be at Snowbird today with the whole gang....
  18. mrgskier

    Alta, UT 3/28/2015 was Arnie ahead of me on the exposed corner...not Sima...!
  19. mrgskier

    Alta, UT 12/28/14

    I will let the pictures tell the story!
  20. mrgskier

    Alta, UT 11/30/2014

    Nice to see you kids having fun! We will be out there soon....