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  1. otisdelarosa

    (Non-skiing) Glen Ey, Scotland 5th/6th July 2013

    Agree! Thanks for posting this, looking forward to see more of your pics.. :-D
  2. otisdelarosa

    Vail Resorts comes to Utah

    I wonder if Vail will really pursue the proposed gondola connection to Solitude? If that so, that will become the biggest skiable area in the US! :-D But that would cost a lot of $MM!! :^o
  3. otisdelarosa

    New lifts and terrain expantion in North America?

    Also heard about Red Mountain Expansion..what you think will be the result for that?
  4. otisdelarosa

    Logan Pass Skiing (Glacier NP), July 2, 2013

    Pictures were perfectly great! Looks like you had so much fun! It's really nice to spend heat wave in Logan Pass! The place is so awesome! It's perfect for park and ski adventure! :ski:
  5. otisdelarosa

    Epic Pass

    Heliskiing half the price is really great! :-({|=
  6. otisdelarosa

    Good place in High Uintas for picnic next to a lake or pond

    Park City is really a great place! And I agree that Mirror Lake is a good place, also in King's Peak.. :-D
  7. otisdelarosa

    Gardiner Headwall, WY, June 23, 2013

    Pictures are cool! I never tried backcountry skiing and I think it's great! Looking forward to see more of your pics.. :snowball fight:
  8. otisdelarosa

    Nuclear winter?

    I wonder if that Nuclear effect snow, is not dangerous for man's health? [-(
  9. otisdelarosa

    Shared + Long Term Accommodation in Las Leñas

    MY friend's planning to go in Las Lenas maybe a month or next for ski trip, I will tell her, maybe she can save from this. :-)
  10. otisdelarosa

    6.1.13 snowbird & alta

    When will be your next top destination? Hmm, So excited to see more of your pics. :-D
  11. otisdelarosa

    Hayden Chute 6-3-13

    Where do you plan to ski in July? Looking forward to see more of your post and pics.. :popcorn:
  12. otisdelarosa


    Thanks to this update, Is it possible to ski there by next month? :roll:
  13. otisdelarosa

    Smallest most obscure Ski hill you've been to?

    quite a number of now defunct ski hills that no longer exist (including where I first learned to ski). A sampling of some of mine (wow, I've been to a lot of tiny places): Brantling, NY - 250 verts; all surface lifts and a literal cow pasture in summer. Holiday Mtn, NY - all 350 verts or so...
  14. otisdelarosa

    Where should I live?? SLC, AK, or LA

    Which leads me to my reality.....I have biz opportunities in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Alaska (Valdez). SLC folks -- what do you NOT like about living there? I know what it offers (champagne pow) ....what do you do in the summer? Arts/entertainment scene any good? Limited...
  15. otisdelarosa

    alta in the last week or so

    Spending winter vacation at Alta is indeed really great! Been there once and it's worth coming back! The slopes and trails are so awesome! :snowball fight:
  16. otisdelarosa

    Eastern Closing Thread 2012-13

    Do you have updates on this month about Jay Peak , Sugarloaf and Suagarbush?
  17. otisdelarosa

    Greek Peak lives!!!

    Agree! Maybe a sort of understatement.. Let's confirm it first.. 8-[
  18. otisdelarosa

    Hayden Chute 6-3-13

    Wow! Great pics! It seems you had your greatest ski experience!
  19. otisdelarosa

    Trails named after a different ski area?

    Have you guys heard about the Spruce Peak in the Stowe Mountain?
  20. otisdelarosa

    Mammoth, June 1, 2013, a Low Key Closing Day

    Great skiing moment on ShiftyRider's photos.. Great job dude! Seems that you had your utmost experience. :bow: :-({|=