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    Mt. Baldy, Dec. 27, 2019

    Dec 30 , Monday , could be some good storm skiing and the following Tuesday may be the day for redemption.
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    Rainfall totals for Calif

    Baldy got a few inches last night. Be nice if this cycle stays like this for the next 10 years. Thx for the stats.
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    Rainfall totals for Calif

    Tony. Can you give the statistics for rainfall in the month of May for Calif. for the last 20 - 30 years or so. Is this the wettest May? This latest storm seems like a record breaker. Or is it.
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    Mt. Baldy, CA, Feb. 12, 2019

    Great pics. Baldy bowl looking. Seems like after Presidents day baldy slacks off a bit. Still like to see a good ol fashioned massive dumper hit before the winter ends. Need the snowpack.
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    Alta, UT 1/10-24/2019 - 7 feet in 8 days

    Thx for posting the pics. We here in So Calif are not blessed with snow anymore apparently. So your pics are always a big plus.
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    Mt Rose, NV also opened Friday 10/19/2018

    Just looked at Snowman weather report at Mammoth. Dry slot for the next couple weeks. So cal like a mild summer right now. Hope that all changes soon. Need rain.
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    Mt. Baldy, CA $150 unrestricted pass

    All I can say is Im glad my prime skiing years were when Baldy was at its best...Had some incredible skiing days with the most awesome steep terrain and spring skiing that lasted until late April and May sometimes..What really concerns me is comparing so cal rain with mammoth snowfalls..Back in...
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    Eclipse Camping/Viewing Options: Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming

    It looks like Grand Targhee /Driggs Idaho will get be a good place to be......Since I live in So Cal maybe the live streaming summit cam at Grand Targhee will be worth watching...If I remember
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    Mt. Baldy, Feb. 1, 2016

    my first pic
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    Mt. Baldy, Feb. 1, 2016

    baldy village looking at west telegraph ,thunder in the clouds.....about the most snow on the mountains for the last couple years
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    Hiking behind Alta/Snowbird, UT 6/27/15

    Im thinking that cabin must of had some extra lumber put in in past 20 -30 years. because that thing looks to be in really great shape for something built that long ago..especially with a huge chunk of snow sitting on top of it for all those years... mostly a lurker here but would like to hear...
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    Hiking Lost Kratka Ridge Ski Area, Aug. 30, 2014

    Add to that ....... ... story.html
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    PCMR Loses to Vail Resorts

    hipslo wrote Meanwhile, Vail is stuck paying 25m per year to operate canyons, which they have acknowledged in their securities filings is a losing proposition to the tune of at least 10 to 15m per year. That cash drain puts pressure on Vail to reach some sort of agreement with pcmr. 25 mil...
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    Improved wireless in Little Cottonwood Canyon

    If the cable and towers are going in then it means a public hearing must happened at some point. The only way to stop these towers from going in is public outrage and it appears that hasn't happened. The safety issue is always a big selling point for the wireless towers. Just got my interest...
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    How much of the newer terrain that is opened up with this interconnect compare to the terrain at Alta and Snowbird. Is it more skiing from one ski area to another or does it open up some really good new bowls and stuff.
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    I didn't think this would've slipped by ya
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    Is this old news? What do u all think of this ... en-slopes/