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    Alta, UT 1/17/2016

    trust me not alot of folks traveling our routes across the country side. yes people on traverses and the normal loitering spots , but not once you depart . and the lines were the longest five to six min. but looked far worse .....
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    Alta 1/17/15 - a different POV

    i was standing eight feet to his left when he snapped the SECOND to last pic.
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    Alta, UT 1/17/2016

    this was a way above average weekend for most resorts in the country to understand .... personally picking one day over the other would depend on ones personal preference in which type of quality was better . both days were of the extreme in quality in two completly different type of days. sat...
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    Alta Ski Area and touring Dry Fork, UT 1/10/2016

    as grand as mother nature can make it .............. to try to place words on how beautiful it is out there is a disservice ...... the best way i think would be to think of it as a massive 3d post card = oz ....
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    Alta, UT 1/1/2016

    dee rastaaaa chutes man ..... that was some mighty fine stuff today..
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    Alta, UT 12/27/2015

    road to provo opened yesterday out to bass benches , upper cirque is accessable through upper executive usual gate, nothing beyond hillarys step has come on line yet , restuarant row and baldy are the only things closed for now that i can find in journeying around the bird , and i must add all...
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    Alta, UT 12/27/2015

    got a good suzies trees too.... but spent most of the afternoon in mineral basin , snowbird opened the rest of mineral basin and this afternoon opened out to hillarys , but nothing beyond .
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    Alta, UT 12/12/2015

    just enjoying the scenery and walking through such a beautiful place . with so much SNOW !!!!!
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    Alta, UT 12/5/2015

    i ventured down canyon for the first time this season and found eXTREMELY hard conditions over the entire scope of what was open . wouldn't recommend anything but really sharp slalom skis to motor about on . certainly nothing over 100mm under foot unless it's brand new and really sharp ...
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    Alta, UT 11/29/2015

    2 surgical runs ! i nicked a couple stumps with the tails and nothing more !!
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    Alta, UT 11/26/2015

    what a fitting way to end the day on un-used snow from this season ...
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    Alta, UT 11/21/2015

    super sweeeeet that alta gave us more rooom to roam . crowds were a minimum all day except for the beginning of the day .
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    Alta, UT 11/14/2015

    it all blew away this afternoon up high on the hill .......... amyz and i were only able to stick around on top for half to three quarters of an hour . winds were blowing 25 at least sustained and gusting to 40 at least . BIG wind event ahead of this storm. far fewer people today than yesterday .
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    Alta, UT 11/14/2015

    i'm not 100% sure but tommorrow morning if you were to look at altas web sight it"ll probably say there's no uphill traffic allowed . they usually only post when something isn't allowed. where as snowbird has become a bit unfriendly to early season travel . understandable though with early...
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    Alta, UT 11/14/2015

    three more pics from the other side where masses of people were ascending . just as nice a mid nov. day could be. planning to get out tom. to . a small wind event has moved snow up high on the hill. skied out under sugarloaf chair side of the hill from the top of collins lift not so many...
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    5/30/15 alta mostly

    first sunny day in a bunch of weeks and i only counted five people other than myself . a few pictures from a beautiful day ballroom looking exceptionally smooth
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    alta. ut. may 17 2015

    exiting suzys trees ascending backside this was the view .
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    Alta, UT closing day 4/26/2015

    rdwore and i skied two more albion basin runs and went up sunny side for a final run of the year out the summer road to see what low angle had to offer . smoooooooooth was the optimum ! left the parking lot just before 4 p.m.-- not looking back at the year gone past --- few more weeks at the...
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    Alta, UT 4/25/2015

    hero snow filled weekend in the albion basin back country .
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    Alta, UT 1/3-4/2015

    shouldn't it be 2015 , i don't need to relive this year again