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    Jackson Hole MR 12/19 to 12/23

    Was at Whistler Dec 19-20 and conditions were excellent by Alta standards. Deep fluff at the bottom of the mountain... Everything was open. Sure that it was the best skiing in the west at the time (though the Washington areas were also great that weekend). Room was $150 USD in Whistler...
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    Alta, UT 12/13/2015

    Hope it is as good tomorrow at Alta as Crystal was today.
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    Alta, UT - April 4, 5, 9, 11, 12 & 15, 2015

    40" in 24 hours at Snowbird? That is about what I saw in Utah all winter.
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    Whistler/Blackcomb, B.C., Apr. 4, 2015

    Was hitting the Spearhead Glacier Saturday (backcountry past the Blackcomb Glacier). Was truly great... Decker Glacier on Sunday (one further over). A great weekend - feeling more complete with the season now after the winter that never was. Going back this weekend but worried about the...
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    Alta, UT 3/29/2015

    They moved East Baldy?
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    Mt Bachelor March 26, 2015

    Best guess as to when the road to Sparks Lake opens and we can get to South Sister?
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    Alta, UT 3/1/15

    Today was great. I would have chosen today over tomorrow. I will ski tomorrow and let you know if that was the right choice.
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    Alta, February 21 and 22

    I was lucky enough to live in the east then. Of course, I was only ten so I couldn't get out as often...
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    Alta, February 21 and 22

    493 readers waiting... This winter - 48 straight days above normal temps. 2015 so far is about 5 degrees warmer than the next warmest year to this point. The first 14 days of February were 17.3 degrees above normal. This will probably be the least snowy February. The winter of the future...
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    Alta, February 21 and 22

    I was in Days and Silver on Saturday and Cardiff today. Best days of the year. Glad you were out.
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    Alta, February 21 and 22

    Just figured I would start a string given Admins radio silence. Didn't actually ski at Alta either day.
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    Snow Summit, Feb. 4, 2015

    Thanks for making us a bit happier to be in Utah. Mad River Glen is extending amnesty to former VT skiers who want to return home.
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    Alta/Snowbird, UT, Jan. 27, 2015

    It is most definitely not the greatest snow on earth at the moment.
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    Wasatch Interconnect

    Nobody I know would be too bent about PCMR opening gates. There is good skiing off the Park City Ridgeline but the big lines are in the Cottonwoods and Millcreek.
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    Wasatch Interconnect

    There is plenty of lift-serviced terrain in Utah relative to demand. There isn't as much backcountry terrain as you might think. Hoping that this gets stalled.
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    Whistler,Blackcomb BC Jan.14 & 15

    I have skied both Revelstoke (as recently as yesterday) and Whistler/Blackcomb a lot. Revelstoke is not in the same league as W/B. I can't see hitting Revelstoke day after day for a week, much less a season. W/B is a resort you can ski for a season. Whitewater? Over W/B? No way. The W/B...
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    Snowbird Terrain Openings?

    Road to Provo opened at 2:00 yesterday. Don't know if it was open today - it was pretty windy up high.
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    Snowbird Terrain Openings?

    Skied AltaBird yesterday. The only closed terrain at Bird was Bookends, and it was controlled and well covered. Ballroom/Baldy Shoulder were closed at Alta, probably due to wind loading above it. Backside was open all day.
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    Mt Bachelor 12/13 Summit Open

    Having done both (Shasta Avalanche Gully/ Left of Heart down) as day trips I would say Shasta is harder - the climb is steeper and scarier.
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    Mt Bachelor 12/13 Summit Open

    Long. Not particularly steep. The classic non technical steep is the Southwest Chute on Adams. St. Helens' Worm Flows is also a good one.