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  1. lookn4powder

    Did anyone ski Snowbird last weekend?

    Did anyone ski Snowbird last weekend? Was the surface frozen in the AM? Did the surface corn up? Were chutes open. I'm in town next week and I have opted to ski 28-29 May at Snowbird. I'll likely pack skis from my quiver for momentum snow and corn. But reports of day time temperature profiles...
  2. lookn4powder

    An American Hero Departs

    With the start of the Olympics, we should also remember the loss of one of the first American Ski Olympic medalists, Jimmie Heuga, who won the Men’s Slalom Bronze metal in 1964. My first memories of him were years later when he started the Jimmie Heuga Express, which he conducted at numerous ski...
  3. lookn4powder

    Are ticket deals still available in Colorado?

    Suddenly, I am taking a quickly planned business trip to Denver & Boulder starting tomorrow (Dec 17th) through Friday. (I'll skip the A-basin madness and hold out for more snow.) I recall that a pre-season lift ticket sale was ongoing earlier this month in Colorado, but I believe it has ended...
  4. lookn4powder

    Colorado Late Season Skiing (3-5 May).

    Last week I in Denver at a conference that ended on Wednesday night, giving me the opportunity to ski 3 days through the weekend. However, all week I kept evaluating my right knee, which had suffered a ?mild? lateral collateral sprain (more than a tweak, less than a fully debilitating sprain)...
  5. lookn4powder

    Meanwhile, good snow in M.A.S.H

    Sunday morning, my buddy Tom and I drove to the Canaan Valley and skied at Timberline. It had rained lightly during the night and I hoped that this had produced snow above 4000', as it had for Wednesday. Alas, no snow had fallen. As is typical of March/April in M.A.S.H, the hills of WVA east of...
  6. lookn4powder

    Mammoth for National Tax Week (14-23 April)??

    Most years my wife and I ski out west during National Tax Week (14-23 April). This year our top candidate destination is Mammoth. As we may need to defer the trip to the next week, we would like to know if the Canyon Lodge and the town gondola will still be open. Does anyone know when these...
  7. lookn4powder

    Heaven in M.A.S.H. finally!!

    After a frustrating early Dec/Jan that has damaged the balance sheets of local ski areas, I am happy to report that the M.A.S.H. ski season is finally back in full swing. On Sunday my wife and I spent a day skiing at Seven Springs. During the recent cold snap the 7springs has received some...
  8. lookn4powder

    Oregon skiing conditions

    My wife and I just returned from skiing Bachelor (4), Timberline (1), and Mt. Hood Skibowl (1). On Wed-Thursday Timberline and Mt Hood areas received 5-8" medium-heavy powder. Of course, the fog hid it completely until Friday when the winds died down and the air became crystal clear. Beautiful...
  9. lookn4powder

    Trees at Mt. Bachelor?

    I skied Mt. Bachelor three year ago in May when most of the terrain is closed. This weekend my wife and I are off to Mt. Bachelor and Mt. Hood Meadows. A friend tells me that Mt. Bachelor has some great tree skiing. Looking at the trail map, it seems like the only place that good tree skiing...
  10. lookn4powder

    Oregon Skiing?

    After a rough couple of months my wife and I are finally able to get away for a western ski trip. We aim to leave next weekend. We are strongly considering a trip into Oregon ski country, as the snow depths look very encouraging. But I am slightly nervous of a meltdown like last year. It is also...
  11. lookn4powder

    June Skiing in Washington State

    I may have business in Seattle that ends on June 1st and I'd be interested in skiing that weekend. Are there any lift served areas still open by then? If not, what are the better BC opportunities? Are there any organizations I may contact to join a BC adventure. Thanks, Jeff
  12. lookn4powder

    Warning sign of an approaching ski season.

    This board is quiet now, but my annual reminder of the approaching season arrived today in the form of the Sept Skiing magazine. As if on cue, temperatures finally dropped below 90 degrees for the first time in a week. Although meager and unfulfilling, this issue of Skiing does feature some...