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    Mt Holly 2/24/09

    Went to Mt Holly on Tuesday during the day. I got there at 10 not many people there every thing was groomed. I was pleasantly surprised that there was no ice it was machined made packed powder. They must have made a good amount of snow after the rain, I would say they have at least 12-40 inches...
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    Buy one lift ticket get one free for Mt Holly

    See link from WXYT web site
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    Mt Holly 1/3/09

    Went to Mt Holly on Saturday night. Got there around 3:45 in the afternoon the parking lot was around 90% full I drove up to the lodge to drop off skis and found a spot in the second row. They had all the lifts going from 4:00-5:30 when they close for gromming (they made sure that the high speed...
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    Mt Holly web cam

    I was searching Google and I found a web cam for Mt Holly []
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    Mt Holly 2-9-08

    When I got there at 4pm its was 34 degrees out . The snow was hard packed with sugar snow on top. The hard pack was just soft enough that your edge would take hold. Later in the night the base got rock hard ,but if your edges are in good shape and you know how to use them you could still make a...
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    Mt Holly 1-4-08

    Went to Mt Holly on Friday night before all the rain. I have never seen it that busy there before. The ski rangers did a great job of making sure each chair was full witch kept the lines to around 1-2 mins. The snow was 99% packed powder with a small amount of ice. I'm not sure how much snow...