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  1. Harvey

    East on track for an average or better season

    James these TRs have been over the top fun. Thanks for posting them. Tony showing his western bias. Last I checked we are part of North America too. :stir: A guess: measured by snowfall, we in the east are on track for an average season or maybe a little better.
  2. Harvey

    NY Ski Magazine: Interview with Admin

    Over the years, I've picked up pieces of the story about how Admin ended up living in SLC. For a while, Jamesdeluxe has been talking about how cool it'd be to get his story down. During his visit to the Wasatch last month, he and Admin sat down and the full story was told. The result is, IMO, a...
  3. Harvey

    Happy Birthday, Admin!

    I didn't see this thread anywhere else ... so I'm posting it up. Happy Birthday Admin. Hope you are out there gettin it on your day. And thanks for FTO.
  4. Harvey

    Harvey's Gore Thread

    Hey guess what? I skied Gore today. Bell-to-bell. Cold in the morning - maybe 5 degrees. It warmed up to about 20 around 10am. It started to snow around 1, and then dumped for a couple hours. We got maybe 5 inches when they were calling for NCP. Two times in a row now we've got some...
  5. Harvey

    Whiteface Mtn, NY: 12/6/09

    I was at Gore yesterday. Just a few hundred feet of vertical, but I took a scenic Gondi ride to check out the jibbers and progress on the snowmaking. I actually had fun: I also skied Whiteface today. They'd done a pretty good job...
  6. Harvey

    Wind Power at Ski Areas

    I'm absolutely fine with daytime snowmaking. And I'm one of those nuts who skis next to the guns. I ALWAYS have ear plugs in my butt bag for this purpose. I probably like it because compression is such a limited resource at Gore. When conditions are perfect Gore will blast on the full length...
  7. Harvey

    Longest Glade in the East (?)

    Anybody know who's got the longest glade in the East? I've got limited experience in the northeast and even less experience skiing trees at places other than Gore. Still I'm thinking: :bs: when I see this claim that Gore is now making. They've expanded the Cirque down to the bottom of the...
  8. Harvey

    Northern Vermont Snow Advantage vs. Rest of the Northeast

    I'd defer to an expert on this, but as someone who has watched a lot of Adk winter radar in his life...the lake effect just seems to diminish west of the bigger mtns. Lake effect can travel over the flatter areas incredibly into Massachusetts...but farther north the hills seems to...
  9. Harvey

    Relocate from NJ to Albany/Upstate NY?

    :hijack: Probably isn't the best thread for this post, but the search function isn't my specialty. Saw a TV commercial for a furniture company that seemed really cool. The whole commercial was about how they built their own recycling plant and they take back ALL the packaging for your...
  10. Harvey

    Alpine Boots

    The discussion in the "Comped Lodging" thread has me thinking about the dark side of the force. While we may or may not "ski" specifically for my wife's 40th birthday next year, all that talk of Jackson Hole and Telluride has me thinking it's probably time to see if she likes alpine gear. While...
  11. Harvey

    Where To Ski with Comped Lodging?

    There's a decent possibility that I can take a week with accommodations comped at some good ski locations: Beaver Creek Breckenridge Copper Mountain Deer Valley Jackson Hole Steamboat Stowe Sun Valley Tahoe Telluride Basically I could go to any destination listed here...
  12. Harvey

    Tux Avy 4/25/09

    I used my rudimentary search skills and didn't see this posted previously. ... r_embedded
  13. Harvey

    Skiing Little Chute and Other Steep Terrain

    Can some direct me to the thread where Rob skied Little Chute? I missed it.
  14. Harvey

    Gore Mtn, NY: 2/20/09 - 2/23/09

    Admin...if you let me slide this weekend, I promise I won't cross post the rest of the season. :roll: Today's pics: ... 22009.html
  15. Harvey

    Only on Teley Gear

    Hey's something you can't do on training heels: Patrol makes it official at Gore. :D :D :D
  16. Harvey

    Gore Mtn, NY: 12/31/08 - 1/03/09

    Ski Day 12 Today was a tale of technical difficulty, battle with the elements ...and ...I know I've been accused of being an incurable optimist but...great skiing. Joe..I was all ready to post a negative report just to prove I could do it. Maybe I just like skiing. * * * * It started...
  17. Harvey

    Greek Peak in the WHEELHOUSE

    Sharon....we want pics. ... W_72HR.gif
  18. Harvey

    Gore Mtn, NY: 12/19 - 12/22/08

    Ski Day 8 FIRST...before you fall asleep reading the TR below...Sharon...I heard from some that Burnt Ridge was a disappointment today...would love to hear your impressions. * * * Almost but not quite as smart as James I left NJ around 9:30. I looked at the radar this morning and decided at...
  19. Harvey

    Gore Mtn, NY: 12/13/08

    Ski Day 6 Maybe James is right. Why should I work so hard? Just have fun like a normal human being. Come over to the dark side of the force..." For starters I overslept this morning, in response to the whuppin I took yesterday. When you're going skiing and you wake up...because the sun woke...
  20. Harvey

    Gore Mtn, NY: 12/12/08

    Ski Day 5 It was snowing last night when I got to the cabin: It snow pretty hard most of the night. I'd say we got about 8 or 9 inches overnight. I couldn't sleep, constantly waking up and shining a headlamp out side to see if it was still snowing. It was. All snow up until 5:00 am which was...