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    In Washington State one must be very careful when converting distance to driving time. The same goes for assuming that snow removal will be efficient, as it is Utah, Colorado, and Ohio. As an example, during last year's snow drought the Washington mountains were smacked with 80" of new powder...
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    Taos Expansion

    Exciting news, especially since I'm not really motivated to endure any more the pain of my sea level lungs as I hike to Kachina Peak. But the 75-inch rule seems a bit optimistic. Even in the Castor-Pollux trees ski bases can be ripped up until 86" are reported. Of course, that 86" might really...
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    skiing without snow

    You have clearly done a lot of research and put a lot of effort in this. I hope that it's been fun. Back in the 80's some (expert snow skiing) friends spent time on grass skis, which comprised roller platforms with treads attached to their ski boots. They tore up the grass, and these devices...
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    Chugach Powder Guides 1/7

    Perhaps the new 1'-2' snow up at Crystal Mt. will cheer you up! Washington State and Canada seem to be where the action is these days. Jeff
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    Mt Bachelor 12/25-12/30

    Great pictures! It's funny how conditions govern first impressions of a place. My avatar pic is from my first day in late April 2002 at Mt. Bachelor. My ski line is just above a drop between some tight boulders in the cone. It felt as steep as your third photo. That day it had snowed only 1"...
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    Alpental 12/31

    The last point is my point exactly. I also agree with Marc's point that we cannot know the outcome from a different set of choices by vendor and client--and i absolutely do not suggest negligence by the operator. (And the airbags are not without their own risks.) But I wonder if experience...
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    Alpental 12/31

    I am surprised to see that the client was not wearing an avalanche airbag as standard equipment supplied by the backcountry vendor. Granted, it costs around 2x more than the near-useless transceiver, but the client would be almost certainly alive today. Jeff
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    An Intensive Process of Bootfitting

    Tony, Interesting report, particularly since our feet are similar, but your narrative should be instructive to others who have cold feet. Have you considered adding heaters to your new boots? Even for great fits, some boots are just plain cold. Long ago, I wore San Marco AXR foamed boots...
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    Alta, UT 12/4/11

    The new Black Mountain Express (over Exhibition) at A-basin seems much less likely to drop even the most inattentive kid. It has bars that have a web device (I don't remember the exact construction) that will lock down the smallest skier/boarder. Really annoying to me, as I usually use bars...
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    Alta, UT 12/4/11

    Here's another dating memory: I remember the old KT-22 double chair at Squaw Valley. Midway between two towers it looked like the drop was 100'. No bars, of course. I wonder if anyone fell out of a chair during its tenure. Of course, anyone squeamish about height would ever get on that lift...
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    Climategate in the Popular Media

    As the study financed by the GW-antagonist Koch brother's finds "Humans are driving global warming and the effect is real." The Chinese are playing this whole game shrewdly. Although the country opens a new coal mine every month to fire its new power plants, it is also investing heavily in...
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    CNL Lifestyle Properties

    Interesting article. I was taken by the statement that "no CNL Lifestyle tenant has ever gone bankrupt." CNL has a very savvy business analysis group. Snowshoe WV could really use the financial discipline this group maintains. Their ski operation always makes money, but hey keep going bankrupt...
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    Xmas Week Question

    The Reno to Mammoth drive requires a 4wd rental to comply with chain laws, and 4wd is often handy in ski country during midwinter. But in both Washington and Oregon I've found that chains or studs are needed, due to freezing rain (assuming movement is possible at all). Mandatory chains also...
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    Some deals are too good to pass up

    To us, among Alta, Taos, Targhee, & Loveland we will break even. But the pure number of areas increases the likelihood that most pass holders will break even. Few details on the Silverton pass are given. My buddy called Monarch for some extra details on the 65+ pass and found the pass office...
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    Some deals are too good to pass up

    Another pass of interest to some might be the Monarch Ski Area season pass. We've skied Monarch and found it fun, but the payoff for most of us is passes to 20 other ski areas, which include: Alta -- half price all season Taos -- free 5 days Grand Targhee -- free with lodging deal Red River...
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    2010-11 Ski-Day Count

    Thanks for the support. You don't simply walk away from the worst thrashing of your life without strong emotions. Squirrels are no longer cute although I respect their spot in the environment; high performance 20 speed Trek bikes are no longer the marvels of technology I once thought they were...
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    New Look, New Features for FTO

    Hey! Just a short Perl script away from Nirvana. What could be simpler? Right... Cheers Jeff
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    2010-11 Ski-Day Count

    25 days...but my season seemed ended before it began. In mid-Oct my buddy, Denis, and I were bicycling down a hilly country road when a Kamikaze squirrel ran into my front wheel, locking it up. I slid and flipped and was found unconscious on the side of the road by two EMT's who happened by in...
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    Did anyone ski Snowbird last weekend?

    Did anyone ski Snowbird last weekend? Was the surface frozen in the AM? Did the surface corn up? Were chutes open. I'm in town next week and I have opted to ski 28-29 May at Snowbird. I'll likely pack skis from my quiver for momentum snow and corn. But reports of day time temperature profiles...
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    An American Hero Departs

    With the start of the Olympics, we should also remember the loss of one of the first American Ski Olympic medalists, Jimmie Heuga, who won the Men’s Slalom Bronze metal in 1964. My first memories of him were years later when he started the Jimmie Heuga Express, which he conducted at numerous ski...