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    The Lecht, Scotland, Dec. 15, 2017

    It had been something in the region of 15 years or more since I last skied in Scotland when I was at university and it could be 20 years since I last skied at the Lecht. After coming home from Montana in April I landed a staff job at the company I work for meaning I had another 1/2 years holiday...
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    16-17 Season Recap

    Well my annual trip is over for another year so thought I would start the thread. Discovery - 35 Non Ski Days - 4(1 day in 4/6 weekends in Montana) Almost right up to my arrival the skiing on Limelight had at best been sketchy. A series of weather events meant they struggled to get a settled...
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    Season 2014-2015 Plans

    I've not posted much on here in a long time and if I have missed a similar thread then apologies! Anyway, thought I would start a thread on plans for the coming season. Anyone got anything nailed yet? Next year is a *coughs* large *coughs* birthday so with friends planning weekends away I...
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    (Non-skiing) Glen Ey, Scotland 5th/6th July 2013

    Link to a short report on my first walk in the mountains of Scotland for the best part of a decade. I will put a link to more pictures once I get them online. I hope you enjoy them!
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    Big Sky Ticket Deal

    Well, I have sorted myself out for 2013. I have my season pass which has already more than paid for itself at Discovery and have just purchased the Frequent Sky Card from Big Sky for $49. It means that next winter when Discovery closes on April 7th I can ski the entire next week if I want for...
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    Whitefish Beacon

    Big Mountain Montana are planning on installing 2 beacons downtown to show when the mountain has either powder days or an inversion. Any thoughts?
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    Q's 2010 Trip Report

    Well, it is finally here after almost a year! It's a long report, more designed so that I can remember what i did each year when i am an old guy. Report Pictures and be viewed there for the trip too.
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    Kongsberg, Norway, Feb 2011

    Here's a small report on my trip to Kongsberg, Norway last week. Beautiful place. Kongsberg 2011
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    I tinkered with the idea last year and again this year I find myself being drawn towards the one western state I have yet to ski. I am contemplating flying up to Alaska from Missoula missing out on Utah or flying up to Alaska and then down to SLC before flying home. I've read Tony's report...
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    Q's 2009 Trip Report

    Last years report is finally online, its been a long struggle to get it online :D USA 2009 - This is the first part of a four week tour of Montana, Washington, Oregon and Utah. USA 2009 - This is the second part of a four week tour of Montana, Washington, Oregon and Utah. USA 2009 - This is...
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    NCAA Basketball

    Well off topic question as ever from me. Having gleamed, but eventually bombed out by winter weather, a lot of information on golf in SLC this year I am looking for some help on NCAA tickets... I'm hoping to get a ticket to the NCAA Elite 8 in SLC on Saturday 27th March 2010. I'd love to have...
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    Downtown SLC Accomodation

    Hi guys, This is down more to boredom than actually thinking about booking anything but.... The Motel 6 in Downtown SLC is my usual haunt on my trips to Utah but for whatever reason they are showing up as not having any rooms next winter. It may well be that they have just not made up their...
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    Golfing in Salt Lake City

    Looking for a little help from you guys in Salt Lake City. As you know I am coming across for my annual trip and thought it might be good to take a day off skiing and have a round of golf and see something different. Obviously I wont have my clubs but I might take my shoes just incase. So...
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    Q's Ski Trip 2009

    Well, four weeks today I setoff from Scotland on my annual ski trip to the USA. The credit crunch, moving into my new house and having a new job in the last year have all contributed to me being a bit slack in arranging things this winter and at the minute I have nothing in concrete other than...
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    Real Salt Lake / TRAX

    I'm looking for a little help for my trip in a couple months time. I usually go to the NBA and bars on foot from the Motel 6 in downtown(176 West 600th South Street). Today I was listening to the football, or soccer to some, on the radio and they were talking to Kenny Deuchar who is a Scottish...
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    Q's Trip Report 2008

    After a lot of effort I finally got round to finishing my trip report for my travels around the USA in March and April 2008. I hope to get pictures uploaded soon to go along with it. I'd skied 26 days, 29 different resorts in 6 different states, 18 of which were new and by the end had driven...
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    Tahoe South....

    I am after a little advice and such like for my forthcoming trip beginning March 10th in a currently sunny, almost spring like Scotland from where I leave and via Aberdeen-Amsterdam-Minneapolis eventually land in Billings, Montana. I head west each winter, normally to Montana, drive vast...
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    Skiing In Scotland

    I learned to ski in Scotland over 20 years ago and in my first season I remember skiing from the first Sunday in January until around the 2nd week in May if memory serves correctly. I remember there being so much snow that year that I did not realise there were snow fences(3ft high) all over the...
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    Californian Resorts

    I was interested to read about this attempt for various reasons but the one thing that did make my eyebrows raise a little was the claim that it was "all" 28 Cali resorts. California's 28 Resorts in 4 Days Can anyone say 100% that there are only 28 resorts open and if so what they are? Or are...