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    mammoth housing or parking

    I am thinking of Mammoth this winter.Any tips on housing or even just parking a van? thanks
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    tahoe temps headed for 60deg on the mountain.. for 10 days..

    tony, could you help with some historical perspective to keep up the spirits please
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    waiting for snow?like numbers? tired of squat jumps?

    great stats that will keep you occupied until there is actually some snow. <> =D>
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    utah refugee needs help selecting tahoe season pass

    I will be in tahoe this winter, and i could use some suggestions on a season pass. i have been considering the kirkwood 6wood and the alpine mid-week for very good value. i could live near south tahoe or north tahoe.the heavenly peak pass is also tempting just in case i could spend a month in...
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    alta/bird 675 vs. 550?

    this may have been discussed before, but alta reports 125in more than snowbird this year.that seems like a HUGE difference. is that based on when they started counting back in the fall, different altitudes of the measurement spot, or some other variant that is not visible to the skier who skis...
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    where are those really good multiyear graphs on Snotel?

    For the last few years it was easy to find graphs on Snotel (I am interested in the Snowbird station) where you could pick any combination of years back to 1990 and see the overlay graphs for snowfall , snowpack, water content etc. Does anyone know if these graphs are still there? I cant find...
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    i love 1993

    2007 was close to the worst year in 20 as seen at snotel. 1992 was similar. so i looked at 1993. wow! it just about tripled 1992. could it happen again? pray to ullr?
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    alta 60 degrees today?????

    is it time to cancel the trip to utah?
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    I need a room for rent for the ski season at alta.

    I am looking for a room to rent for the ski season at alta. I do need my own room, but not much else, as I expect to be skiing all day and probably going to bed early. I would prefer to be within 5 miles of the ski bus. I am quiet, clean, reliable mature skier-photographer. Thank you .
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    goode carbon fiber ski

    has anyone used these, or know anything about them. i think they are made in utah. does anyplace demo them? thanks it seems to me that carbon fibre could be ideal for lightweight stiff skis :?: