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  1. jamesdeluxe

    Successful Selenelion, San Gabriel Peak, CA, May 15, 2022

    Tony, where are you driving for tomorrow's lunar eclipse?
  2. jamesdeluxe

    2021-22 Season Recap

    My third season in a row in the mid-teens with almost all of it overseas. 16 Ski Days 1 Plattekill, NY 1 Rothwald, CH 1 Grächen, CH 1 Unterbäch, CH 1 Bürchen, CH 1 Visperterminen, CH 1 Bellwald, CH 1 Aletsch Arena, CH 1 Bezau, AT 1 Warth-Schröcken, AT 1 Damüls, AT 1 Hochhäderich, AT 1...
  3. jamesdeluxe

    Grasgehren, DE: 03/12/22

    On the 2.5-hour drive back to Zurich from the Kleinwalsertal, there were a number of possibilities either right alongside or a few minutes away from my route. Since the majority of the ski days on this trip were (uncharacteristically for me) at larger destination circuits, I decided to go small...
  4. jamesdeluxe

    Sandstorm in the Alps/Western Europe

    Giving this its own thread -- not uncommon apparently (this is from Feb 2021), but shocking nonetheless and I clearly dodged a bullet with my trip timing. Piau-Engaly in the Pyrenees: I'm blanking -- does something like that occur in the western U.S.?
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    Kleinwalsertal, AT: 03/10/22 & 03/11/22

    Here's an interesting geographic anomaly surrounding Austria's Kleinwalsertal -- so named because it was allegedly settled by people from the Valais region of Switzerland, where I was a month ago. The valley is part of Vorarlberg's six vacation regions; however, due to its location in the...
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    Hochhäderich, AT: 03/09/22

    After skiing at two well-known mainstream ski areas on Monday and Tuesday that had varying degrees of scratchy trails due to continued cold temps for this point in the season, I opted today for a Bregenzerwald local's ski area that tops out at 1600 meters. My hope was that the lower elevation...
  7. jamesdeluxe

    Damüls-Mellau, AT: 03/08/22

    As I move into Day 3 of this trip, here's a quick reminder about where I am in Vorarlberg, the westernmost state of Austria in red: There are several regions inside Vorarlberg, several of which I've already covered, including Brandnertal in the Bludenz region and Silvretta/Montafon, Gargellen...
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    Bezau + Warth-Schröcken, AT: 03/07/22

    It's been three years since I was last in Austria, so I decided to make a return visit to the Vorarlberg and ski some areas that I either missed last time or didn't get to see due to poor visibility. It's a region that couldn't be better placed, about 90 minutes east of Zürich airport via the...
  9. jamesdeluxe

    Aletsch Arena, CH: 02/03/22

    After four days with mostly nice weather here in the Valais region, a wet, blustery storm came through on Wednesday so instead of skiing through poor visibility, I stayed in the town of Brig, hung out in a cafe, bought groceries at Lidl, and took it easy. Since last weekend, Fraser at Weather to...
  10. jamesdeluxe

    Visperterminen, CH: 02/01/22

    Following a less than ideal visit to Grächen on Monday -- overcast, rock-hard conditions, half of the upper lifts not operating, an unexpected (for me) regional holiday with hordes of families/no need to take photos or write a report -- I got things back on track with an enjoyable day at the...
  11. jamesdeluxe

    Bürchen, CH: 01/30/22

    Continuing with my survey of local's ski areas in the Rhône Valley was north-facing Bürchen. Driving up on a typical switchbacked road from the valley, it was a bit overcast; however, once at the ski area, the sun was blazing and it stayed that way the rest of the day. There are two separate...
  12. jamesdeluxe

    Rothwald, CH: 01/29/22

    For my first trip across the pond in almost two years, I was a bit nervous going to the airport Friday afternoon that I'd screwed up the pandemic protocol for international travel. Luckily, I got it right: a) uploaded my vaccine card to Docket, got a QR code, and presented it ✔ b) got a rapid...
  13. jamesdeluxe

    Plattekill, NY: 01/22/22

    With no new snow since the storm five days earlier, it didn't make sense to be booted up at opening bell, so I arrived at Plattekill around 10:15. While -7 on my car thermometer was cold enough, it was comfy compared to temps further north (my uncle in Central NY called to say that it was -18...
  14. jamesdeluxe

    December Snow Dumps and Open Terrain for Christmas

    With 40 inches over the past week, Targhee's snow report has them past the 200-inch mark. With record-breaking snowfalls in the Sierras, are any of the Tahoe resorts near that number?
  15. jamesdeluxe

    Loveland, CO: 04/04/21

    Following picture-perfect spring skiing at Monarch, more of the same appeared to be on tap for my final day of the season, at Loveland. As I drove from Salida on scenic Route 24 in the early morning -- through Buena Vista, stopping for coffee in Leadville and continuing past Copper Mountain onto...
  16. jamesdeluxe

    Monarch, CO: 04/03/21

    For my final ski weekend of the season, I headed back to Colorado to get a few more days on my Loveland season pass. After a couple hours on Route 285 through expansive unpopulated valleys, you turn right onto Route 50 and head up toward Monarch Pass: Even though all of the snow in the Front...
  17. jamesdeluxe

    Schweitzer, ID: 03/03/21

    After two enjoyable days at the artist formerly known as Jackass Ski Bowl, I headed north to Schweitzer Mountain. My wife and I skied there in March 2013 and really liked its extensive grab-bag of terrain. Apparently, Schweitzer had been part of the Powder Alliance for a number of years but...
  18. jamesdeluxe

    Silver Mountain, ID: 03/01/21

    During this abbreviated (for me) season, it looks like I'm currently on what will be my only destination trip, one where I'm taking advantage of the Powder Alliance on the Loveland season pass to visit two ski areas in northern Idaho. While it was pouring that morning in NJ, the skies cleared...
  19. jamesdeluxe

    Loveland, CO: 01/30/21

    Following my two warmup days at Cooper, Saturday morning I headed back toward Denver with it snowing hard while leaving Leadville. The forecast only called for 1-3 inches throughout the region but it was well past that as my two-wheel drive rental struggled to make it up a slick Fremont Pass and...
  20. jamesdeluxe

    Ski Cooper, CO: 01/28-29/21

    Amongst the many reasons that the winter of 2020/21 will be remembered as an oddity, it'll go into the books for me personally as the latest I've ever had my inaugural ski day of the season: January 28. Previously, the latest I'd ever made first turns was in early January. Arriving at 9 am to...