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    The Snow Report
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    CEO of Tenny Mountain to speak on Tuesday, Dec. 8th in Mass.

    Tenney mountain reopens under new and highly capable management this month, after years offline. For everyone in the Boston area, Sir Michael Bouchard, CEO, Tenny mountain will be at the ACE Ski and Board Club meeting this TUESDAY, December 8th at the Chelmsford Elks Lodge, Chelmsford, Mass...
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    Looking to swap alpine midfat skis

    "Looking to swap alpine midfat skis Willing to swap Fisher Atua skis 123-96-119mm, 186cm long for something a bit shorter (163-ish) with about 95-100-ish under foot (or buy similar at a really good price. These are 2005 models, with about 2-3 days each season on them all in powder. Minor...
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    It's pretty quiet in here.

    Not much traffic. What's up?
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    12/8 - Jeremy Davis, New England Lost Ski Area Project

    And another. We're busy this year Bill Jeremy Davis, author and founder of The New England Lost Ski Area Project (NELSAP) will present a lecture and book signing at the ACE Ski and Board Club meeting on December 8th, 2011 in Chelmsford Massachusetts. Mr. Davis is the author of “Lost Ski...
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    10/25 Book Signing/Presentation "A History of Cannon Mt."

    Yeah, this is a bit formal, but it's gone out to the press. Sometimes you gotta get a little serious. Hope you can join us. Bill Book Signing and Presentation: "A History of Cannon Mountain" – October 25, 2011 Meghan McCarthy McPhaul author of A History of Cannon Mountain: Trails, Tales and...
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    Wilderness First Aid Book Recommendation?

    Wilderness First Aid Book Recommendation? I'm looking for a good wilderness medicine book to read while on an extended trip. I recognize it's not a substitute for hands-on training, but I'll have extensive downtime and this is my current area of interest. To short-circuit comments about...
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    Ski Scene in MWV on Friday 12/21/7

    My tractor-beam is set on skiing in the MWV (Mount Washington Valley, a-la North Conway area) Friday 12/21. Candidates include Wildcat, Black and Cranmore. The later two because I've never been to them before (2 in 1 day, maybe?) Anyhoo, I'm looking to make fresh tracks and am quite enamored...
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    Ski NH July (2007) Ticket Sale

    Tickets go on sale July 11, 2007 9am! Now you can pool your purchase with friends and do it legally. Minimum purchase, 20 tix, no more than 50% of tix to one area. First come, first-served, "quantities are limited." Last year, Bretton Woods sold out in three hours and Wildcat sold out on the...
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    Ski advice needed for biz trip to Sacramento nxt wk

    I will be in Sacramento on business next week. I'm going to graft some skiing onto the end of the trip (fri-sat-sun) and would appreciate some advice. I was advised to head west on I80 and checkout Squaw, Tahoe or Kirkwood. I'm an advanced eastern skier (read: not a lot of hours on powder)...
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    Camera Phones to take Skiing

    I need to get a new cell phone. It occurred to me that I might be able to consolidate my gadgets by getting a camera phone. Can anyone comment on how good a camera phone is for trail report photos? I have a habit of losing things, so the fewer gadgets in my pockets the better. I recognize...
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    Ski Wheels [Automotive propellant necessary to begin ski day

    I'd like to hear your recommendation for Ski Wheels. In particular, I'm in the market for a sedan which seats 5 adults comfortably and would be appropriate for 10 months of city driving and 2-3 months of driving into New England mts. for ski daytrips. I have sucessfully navigated with FWD for...
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    Pico, where are you?

    I'm at a loss to find a web presence for Pico. Most links redirect me to where Pico info is pretty much non-existent. The web appears official but is sadly dated with most all links broken. I'm trying to see the usual stuff: stats for Pico, 1st day...
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    Potential for and ESD at Jay Peak

    I just checked the JP report, sounds like an ESD may be in order: (Emergency Snow Day) 2/21/6 Heavy Snow at 10:30am Heavy snow is currently falling here across the resort and has been for several hours. Forecasters are calling for an additional 2-3" over the next 24 hours or so. With 4? (1...
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    loon tomorrow?

    Anyone know how conditions are at Loon, for skiing tomorrow? If you could choose between Mt. Snow and Loon, who has the better conditions right now? Thanks,
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    go 2 stowe?

    Need your opinion whether it's worth heading up to Stowe for a Friday ski tomorrow. I've already got a voucher, and a place to stay, but I'm almost inclined to hold back and hope for better conditions another Friday this season. I'd hate to burn up a vacation day and a tix voucher, then again...
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    How are conditions at Sunday River?

    Anyone heard how conditions are at Sunday River, post-rain? Thanks,
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    Stratton, Vermont 12/22/05

    What a day. It was a good day, albeit pricey, $59 for a weekday lift ticket.
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    Recommendation for Thurs 12/22 Southern Vt. daytrip?

    I'm in a wandering mood. I plan go somewhere daytripping tommorrow, Thursday 12/22 and avoid the mobs, get my fix before vacation week wastes the resorts. Would like your advice. Would like to try something new. Never been to Stratton, Magic, Bromley. Been to KMart, several times, don't...
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    US Ski Resort Informal Rankings

    Out of curiosity, I put together a list of 82 of the most interesting (to me, a northeast skier) US areas. It all started when I originally wanted to find out the most expensive single-day full price ticket in the US. Of course Vail and Aspen take top billing in the west ($81 and $78...