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    4th graders ski free in MI

    If you have 4th grade children who ski in Michigan, do not forget about the Cold is Cool program. 4th graders ski free several places for a couple of days each. But, you do need to send away for the "passport". It takes about 3 weeks, so do it soon before the season starts. The only cost is...
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    Major Ski Resorts to Make Helmets Mandatory???

    At the very least, the ski instructors should be required to wear them. It is amazing how many instructors do not wear helmets. It doesn't seem to matter where....CO, UT, BC, or MI. My kids always say..."if you don't wear a helmet, you must not have much to protect."
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    Short Jr. Race skis

    Thank you to everyone who responded. I will keep my eyes open for some fun skis for her!
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    Short Jr. Race skis

    Thanks for the advice. I will look on-line for stockli's. I don't think anyone around here carries them. If that doesn't work, any suggestions for a really good Jr. ski? Again, she is small (48 pounds), but strong and still growing pretty fast. As far as her ski ability, she is almost...
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    anyone using a heart rate monitor on the slopes?

    I used mine one day. I found it very interesting to know how high my heart rate actually gets while skiing and how many calories I burned. Not as much as spinning class....but, who is going to spend 6 hours of their day spinning? The heart rate monitor worked fine in the cold. The only...
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    Short Jr. Race skis

    Any suggestions/opinions for Jr. Race skis in a 120 cm length? I am not finding much. Only Atomic & Elan. I would prefer a GS ski to a S for her. She is light weight, but very strong for her size and age. She will only be 6 this season and it will be her second year club racing. Thanks in...
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    new and would like some equipment suggestions

    I am definately not an expert.....but, my opinion is....get a great fitting boot...using someone who knows what they are talking about, ski on it a few times with your existing equipment to get used to the new boot, then Demo skis. That is the way I decided on my last pair of skis, and I...
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    women that over pack

    I guess I better start being more careful? Thanks for the heads up.
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    women that over pack

    I have travelled west 2 or three times per year over the last few years and have not had a problem limiting it to one checked bag per person. I don't know if the airlines allow it officially, but, I use a snowboard bag and have fit up to 4 pairs of skis in it...and 3 sets of poles (yes, three...
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    Caberfae/Crystal opening day

    We were at Crystal opening day (Thanksgiving). Conditions were good; however, not much of the terrain was open...only the clipper chair and the 2 place just to the left of the clipper if you are facing the hill. Nothing steep (Thor, Loki, Buck, etc. were not open). Not icey. Plenty of snow...
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    Spring Break 2008

    Thank you. So, the blacks at Vail probably won't be more difficult than those at Whistler? At risk of bragging about my kids, they are pretty good skiers for their age. My weakest skier is my 5 year old, at Blackcomb, her favorite hill is Arthor's choice (a black gladed hill) This year, her...
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    Spring Break 2008

    Thanks....and yes, I did mean 2009! Thank you for the advice. Banff is definately on my to do list, but I don't think we are quite there yet. I have three young kids who love to ski all day but get very tired. I would really like to avoid driving much. Which also eliminates SLC unless we...
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    Spring Break 2008

    Help.... I am trying to plan a terrific ski trip for spring (april) 2008. I am debating between Whistler,Vail,or Solitude. I really enjoy all three places. I skied both Whistler and Solitude last year; however, I haven't skied Vail since I was in college (almost 20 years ago.) Pros, Cons...
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    Poll: Your Favorite Lower Michigan Ski Resort

    I don't know what my favorite hill is in Michigan. However, the place we have the most fun is Caberfae. Caberfae is a skiers hill. No spa, no twinkling lights, no fancy resturants, etc. But, the topography of the hills is interesting and varies within each run. And, the drive is very...
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    Your 2007-08 Ski Day Count

    40 days in Michigan (Caberfae, Crystal, Nubs Nob, Schuss) 5 days in Utah (Solitude) 5 days in Colorado (Steamboat) 6 days in BC (Whistler/Blackcomb) Total= 56 days Unfortunately, we are done for the season :cry:
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    Kid's racing skis

    Thank you for all of your previous suggestions regarding my children and their skis. However, I am now being told by ski instructors/coaches (no personal interest in selling skis) that they really need to go to racing skis. Which, honestly, I thought they were ready to switch to at the begining...
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    Whistler Transportation

    Thanks Mark, I will keep an eye on the grooming schedule. Moguls and hard pack don't bother us....but, it was even icy over by the trees. It was a really sunny week. Maybe it is the direction of the hill? Anyway....watching for it on the grooming schedule would probably be the solution...
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    Schuss Mountain

    Thanks. My daughter is racing there in a couple of weeks. So, I just wondered what to expect. I am sure it will be fine (plus the lift ticket for the racer & family is really reasonable!) I guess I was hoping it would be larger.... Think Snow!
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    Schuss Mountain

    Has anyone ever skied Schuss Mountain? I haven't and was wondering how it compares to Crystal, Caberfae, and/or Boyne? How challenging is it? Are there a lot of flats (like Crystal)? Thanks!
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    Whistler Transportation

    For those of you who ski Whistler often, (I have only been there twice, each time for only a week), what condition is peek to creek usually in? We go stuck on it and it was horribly icy. And to put this in perspective, we are from Michigan kids and I know how to ski a moderate amount of...