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  1. Geoff

    Daylight savings check

  2. Geoff

    Kmart 1/8/09

    I didn't cross many tracks this morning and found all kinds of untracked in the woods this afternoon. I didn't touch bottom much all day. 5" on Tuesday night. Sleet all day Wednesday that consolidated things. A good 8-10" last night and it snowed all day. The woods are back. Things that...
  3. Geoff

    KMart 12/3

    Natural snow trails have a firm crust from the 5" of wet snow->sleet->drizzle that happened Sunday night into Monday. It's now an impervious base for the rest of the winter. They groomed out Cascade and lower Superstar for Wednesday. Superstar skied very well. Cascade was pretty firm and I...
  4. Geoff

    Chillan / Valle Nevado-La Parva trip report

    Nevados de Chillan was a mixed bag. The worst wind I'd experienced. It snowed twice but the wind got at it. The visibility was poor many of the days. The new operator of the resort is very 'conservative' operating the lifts and shuts them down when only a few crazy Americans would be out...
  5. Geoff

    Yikes! New GM at Mt Bachelor

    In the book "The Peter Principle", there's something called Peter's Paradox. Normally you get promoted until you reach your level of incompetence. In Peter's Paradox, you can continue to get promoted if the person making the promotion decision is also incompetent. Rathbun was a total disaster...
  6. Geoff

    2008 trip

    After a divorce and job change aborted my trip last summer, I'm headed back down to Chile the last week of August. Termas de Chillan carried over my 30% deposit and my flight is on frequent flyer miles so it's not going to be a horribly expensive trip. Prices went up considerably with the US...
  7. Geoff

    KMart 12/8-12/9

    Us workin' stiffs missed out on the best of the natural snow from the 2+ feet that fell earlier in the week. The combination of extensive snowmaking on advanced terrain and pretty good cover on the natural snow trails made for some great skiing and I skied things that have never been open the...
  8. Geoff

    Thanksgiving @ Beast of the East

    The beast has been tamed. $60 day tickets, no novice terrain, and $1000 season pass prices with a $600 blackout pass seems to have done the trick at Killington. The four day Thanksgiving holiday weekend was delightfully uncrowded. Saturday is traditionally the most congested day of the year...
  9. Geoff

    Termas de Chillan 8/18-8/25, 2006

    8 sunny days. Mild temperatures. Good base depths even on the lower mountain. You really didn't want to go out before 11:00 since the whole place set up every night and the chatter would shake the fillings out of your teeth. The racers also had many of the groomed pistes closed off until...
  10. Geoff

    Termas de Chillan / Valle Nevado 18Aug-30Aug

    First, we packed two double ski bags. Him: Salomon Xtra Hots in 185 and Volkl CMH Heli-Skiing Skis in 190 Her: Salomon Hots in 155 and Volkl CMH Heli-Skiing Skis in 165 Other mandatory gear: 110 to 220 power converter, 1500 watt Boot dryer Spare poles 17" PowerBook, iPod, Altec-Lansing external...
  11. Geoff

    NZ vs Chile/Argentina in 2005

    I'm agonizing over my summer ski trip already. Mt Hutt/Ohau/Coronet Peak/Remarkables season passes are on sale for NZ$649 until March 10. I'm oogling Termas de Chillan. I'm thinkin' about Las Lenas. Tony mentioned once that New Zealand tends to get lousy snow in years when California gets...
  12. Geoff

    Ski Santa Fe 1/14-1/15, Taos 1/16-1/18, Wolf Creek 1/19-1/22

    Our first time ever to these three ski areas. We had a blast at Ski Santa Fe. The upper mountain triple had virtually no traffic even on a Saturday. There were only 2 groomed ways down so the Texans on rental gear stuck to the lower mountain quad. The snow was a little stale but it still...
  13. Geoff

    Kmart 12/4-12/5

    We hit the preferred parking lot at 8:00 sharp on Saturday and the main Killington parking lot was already full. Apparently, people were delusional and thought 5" of snow meant we were due for an epic powder day. We did one lap on Snowdon and noted upper Bunny Buster was already closed for...
  14. Geoff

    Loveland 10-20-04

    I grabbed a couple of hours today at Loveland. They only had one lift spinning with one way down with manmade groomed conditions. The available terrain is advanced beginner/low intermediate. 'Twas a nice warm sunny day and it was nice to be outdoors making turns.
  15. Geoff

    Valle Nevado 8/24-9/2

    10 feet of snow fell in 5 days. For the first 6 days of the trip, they only ran the lower mountain lifts. Day #1 was 6-12" of powder with poor visibility. Day #2 was knee-deep on the groomers and waist-deep outside the bamboo. A truly memorable day even with the limited terrain. Day #3 was...
  16. Geoff

    Killington VT 11/4/00

    It's still Rime and upper East Glade. One triple chair on intermediate terrain with maybe 700' of vertical. The cover on Rime is excellent for this time of year and it's thin only on the extreme skier's left. East Glade has been converted into a really lame snowboard terrain park. Skiing on...
  17. Geoff

    Killington, VT 10/29/00 - Opening Day!

    I hit the mountain this morning at 7:45 and caught the first pickup truck up to the Canyon quad. Word really hadn't gotten out and the place was quite deserted all morning. I skied until 11:00 and had some rediculous number of runs on Rime. Upper East Glade was open, too. The cover was...
  18. Geoff

    Killington, VT 4/29/00

    y Killington experience today was most pleasurable. 70 <BR>degrees, sunny, lots of friends around, a pond skimming <BR>contest for entertainment, and hero bumps on Superstar. <BR>I dumped a car at the Bear parking lot and had a great <BR>run on Outer Limits to end the day. After spending last...
  19. Geoff

    Killington, VT 4/17/00

    I was out there for a couple of hours yesterday and had a really good time. OL was really good, Superstar had its usual huge snow pile, everything in The Canyon except Escapade was good. You had to walk a little on the Cascade runout and it's pretty much done for the year. I also walked the 5...
  20. Geoff

    Squaw Valley, CA 7/4/99

    <I>(Note from the Administrator: This report was originally posted on 7/6/99. Due to our move to new servers, the date and time attributed to this post is incorrect.)</I> <BR> <BR>Squaw Valley re-opened for one day of skiing. They only had the Shirley <BR>Lake quad running (about 600 feet of...