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  1. mikesathome

    Boyne Mt. 3.4.11 and 3.5.11

    Staying at mountain grand lodge for the indoor water park and skiing boyne with the family. 3.4.11 Warm all day, light snow fell about 2" new, snow was almost slush, but fast. Not very many people on the hill. Everything open, but the snow in the woods is light and iffy. No sun at all, not...
  2. mikesathome

    Lake Tahoe STORM!

    As always thanks for the input everyone!! POWDER TO THE PEOPLE!!! \:D/
  3. mikesathome

    Alta 2-08-11

    Yay. I see it, nice shot BTW
  4. mikesathome

    Lake Tahoe STORM!

    How lucky could I be? I plan a trip to South Lake Tahoe over 2 months ago, the Tahoe area was basically bone dry since the First week of January, and now a very strong snow storm is pounding the area well into Saturday!! So we fly into Sacramento Thursday Morning, I have a 4x4 SUV BUT I don't...
  5. mikesathome

    A Little Bohemia

    Great TR, everything was just the way I recall it, I must get back! Oh, and I wish more people did read the midwest forms that's where I post LOL
  6. mikesathome

    Boyne MT 1.22.11

    The arctic Blast hits northern Michigan and kicked in the lake effect snows this weekend. Some night time lows 50 miles north for Petoskey were -20. Boyne Mt and the Highlands have been reporting 8" new snow on Friday and it snowed very hard most of the day Saturday for another 5" to 8" High...
  7. mikesathome

    Holiday Valley - HoliMont - Peak'n Peek

    I did a western NY ski area tour this past weekend (Jan 5th -8th_) I backed out of the driving to White Face as I just didn’t want to make the drive. Here is the TR Day one (non-skiing) Rays Indoor MT Park in Cleveland, OH. I wanted to flash back to my childhood BMX days so I thought a stop...
  8. mikesathome

    Mt Brighton 12.12.10

    If you made it out before anytime before 3pm on this day, you had calm winds, temp of about 29* and a fresh 6" - 8" on the ground. If you waited like me, and went out about 5pm, you had wind gust up to 40MPH, temp of about 19* (and dropping) and the 6" - 8" blew away, and left you a nice solid...
  9. mikesathome

    Heavenly, 12/9/10

    I have been enjoying your post! I have locked in for a mid Jan trip to the south shore and always like to hear how things are going out there, thanks again!!
  10. mikesathome

    Whiteface/Lake Placid

    As much as I love an outdoor hottub after a good day on the slopes, 500 a night is little steep for me(not sure if that's a weekend rate lol). I start paying that much for this trip, I might beat my self up for not flying west. I travel a lot for work so I might use some points/offers from...
  11. mikesathome

    Wisconsin Dells area skiing is open for the 2010-2011 Season

    SPAM there are NO snowbunnys in WISS
  12. mikesathome

    Reminder for Smartphone App Users

    Ohhh Marc_C, you never would have created a discussion about it, if you didn't care :lol: Sent from my Android Mobile phone REV 2.1.2, via TapaTalk 1.2.4, directed at Marc_C 0.1 :rotfl:
  13. mikesathome

    Mt Brighton

    Love the TapTalk App, I was wondering how the pictures would look (not bad IMO) Real time snow reports! \:D/
  14. mikesathome

    Mt Brighton

    Black and Red lifts running, $25bucks to use them. A little ice, on 100% man made snow. No lift lines, a little LES falling, not a bad night so far. Boot cam! Mt Brighton Sent from the mt brighton bar using Tapatalk ;)
  15. mikesathome

    Whiteface/Lake Placid

    Thanks for the info and link to the artical. Its a wait and watch game for the next month Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
  16. mikesathome

    Whiteface/Lake Placid

    Good info EMSC, and I am never opposed to some bar hoping after a good day of skiing :) Is the town of E'Vill far from the hill? rfarren the Mirror Lake Inn looks nice, I am not to worried about cost to stay, thanks for the tip. I see some VRBO rentals in the area, but most are peoples...
  17. mikesathome

    Whiteface/Lake Placid

    Tossing around possible rode trip to white-face Jan 7th, first time ever to this area, and my first time skiing anywhere in the east since 1993 I think I would rather stay in Lake Placid to check out the town, any suggestions on places to stay that has a good out door hot tub? I probably wont...
  18. mikesathome

    Loveland, CO 11-28-10

    Not looking to bad. Like the Panoramic picture
  19. mikesathome

    SE Lower Michigan is open

    for now! As I sit and cry at all the powder and epic openings out west back here in little old flat Michigan Mt Brighton, Alpine, Pine Knob, Holly all had enough cold temps to blow some snow and open up a chair and a run over the weekend. A small video edit of the afternoon with the wife and I...
  20. mikesathome

    Boyne Rail Jam Novi Michigan

    Thanks! Correct, it was the kit 18-55 lens. I see CO is starting to open up today, hope you get to make some turns, looks like a pretty descent start to the season