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  1. jasoncapecod

    Southern Utah , Hiking Biking Canyoneering

    I had to get out of the gloom of the Northeast, My wife wanted to take a family vacation before the kids went their separate ways.. Flew in Vegas and headed to Springdale , to Hike Zion , drive through Bryce and bike Wire Mesa.. I just love the desert, green and humidity are way over rated..Here...
  2. jasoncapecod

    Plattekill 12/17/16

    Plattekill's opening day was one for the books.. Western Conditions , maybe 200 people on the mountain.. It was magical.. Here are some pics from Harv's site.. ... 95303.html" onclick=";return false;"...
  3. jasoncapecod

    Sierra Nevada Spain

    I am in Granada Spain. We decided to make a detour for a half day skiing at Sierra Nevada ski resort. The pics are in order of the day's events Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. jasoncapecod

    Xmas gamble in the Alps

    Well, I gambled and kind of lost...I planed on going to Portes-du-Soleil over the Xmas break. The weather had other plans. NO SNOW... Fortunately I was able to divert to Zermatt. Still not the best of conditions but at least there is skiing.. The hotel in Morzine will hold by deposit for the...
  5. jasoncapecod

    Mt Rainier 7/16-7/20

    Since Dick Bass wrote Seven Summits , I have been a armchair mountaineer. At the age of almost 52 I decided to get my ass out of that chair. I signed up to climb the mountain with International Mountain Guides (IMG). I enrolled in the 3.5 day Disappointment Cleaver Route. To some a walk up. If...
  6. jasoncapecod

    Powder day at Plattekill

    Plattekill usually operates Friday thru Sunday. Unless there is a substantial storm, then the owner call a audible and opens. It snowed 13 inches on Wed. So me and 75 or so of my closest friends had the place to ourselves..
  7. jasoncapecod

    The Saga of Liz' Boots, Aspen and Utah, January 2014

    The bootfitter practices Podiatry? interesting..
  8. jasoncapecod

    Outside Mag, Niseko article Tony Crocker

    He is quoted through out the article..I guess that makes him famous 8)
  9. jasoncapecod

    snowbird 12/27

    What can I say?..Yeah we waited for a 30mins for the canyon to open, so what. We arrived at a empty parking lot at 9:15 . We caught the second tram at 9:45. Nothing but knee deep and thigh deep. My daughter and I skied everywhere, Mineral even opened ,it was deep but the light was soooo...
  10. jasoncapecod


    I found reasonably priced airfare to Seattle over the Xmas week. Any thoughts, mountains lodging etc..thanks
  11. jasoncapecod

    Mt Bachelor 12/25-12/30

    I'm not going to bore everyone with every little detail of my trip. The short of it is we had a wonderful time. We got the full weather treatment ,rain , snow and wind. The mountain is super fun and interesting and Bend is one of the best ski towns /towns I have ever been to. The most friendly...
  12. jasoncapecod

    Xmas Week Question

    My wife and I are planing to take the family out West over Xmas break. Yes I know it's not the perfect time to go, but it's our only time. Strangely enough Continental is letting us use our FF miles. So far the cheapest flight have been to Reno, Albuquerque and Denver. Oddly , SLC was the most...
  13. jasoncapecod

    Timberline OR

    This is a lot of snow.. sorry for the small pic
  14. jasoncapecod

    Quebec,MSA,Le Massif and Le Massif du Sud

    Instead of the usual Vermont trip this Holiday week. My wife and I decided to go to Quebec for some culture and skiing. We skied 3 days and tubed one day.. MSA is your typical corporate type of ski mountain. Wide groomed boulevards. That turned in to a icy beast . The north side offers a little...
  15. jasoncapecod

    France and Zermatt

    My wife wanted to take the kids on there first Euro trip this summer. She wanted Paris and the Loire Valley . I wanted the Normandy (D-Day beaches) and the Alps. Not wanting to write a play by play of the trip . I'll let the pics speak for themselves.. And the skiing was a absolute blast...
  16. jasoncapecod

    Hunter Friday 4-2

    Forecast today for the Catskills was sunny with a high around 75..So my daughters and I went skiing. We arrived around 9 to a quickly filling parking lot. Temps last night went down to around 40 so the snow firmed up. Our first run was down Hellgate with was softening quickly in the sun. Just...
  17. jasoncapecod

    Pico 3/20

    After a very tiring and satisfying day at MRG . My daughter and I decided to ski Pico today. A little boulevard skiing after MRG's bumps was what we needed. Pico sure delivered. 2000 + vertical of perfectly groomed carpets of corn..Nice way to end the best 2 days of the season..
  18. jasoncapecod

    Mad River Glen 3/19

    My daughter Zoe and I skied MRG for the first time today. Temps top out around 60 with bluebird skies..Here's a few pics of my best day this season...
  19. jasoncapecod

    Gunstock ,Feb 17

    Finally had some time to do some storm chasing. Full TR can be found at ... 21710.html Here's a couple of pix
  20. jasoncapecod

    Feeling old.

    I took my 2 daughters to Hunter Mtn yesterday. They are 12 and soon to be 16. For $hits and Giggles my older one wanted to ski Nastar..The bottom line , she cleaned my clock. It was a proud and depressing moment all rolled up in one.. I keep telling myself that she races on the High School ski...