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    Jay Peak, VT Dusk Patrol: 10/30/06

    Nice work Steve. =D> Yeah, what he said!
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    Jay Peak, VT: 10/29/06

    Good point, carry on!
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    Jay Peak, VT: 10/29/06

    Sounds sick! Keep the pics coming and get to that video! Skip work if necessary! ;)
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    Mount Washington, Cannon, NH 10-21-06

    Sounds like a long day. At least you got some turns in at the end though.
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    Jay Peak, VT: 10/21/06

    Definitely a nice touch!
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    What are your plans?

    I hope to work on stance and balance , which will lead into working on some bumps. I've already bought Dan Dipiro's book on bumps to do a little self teaching. For the stance and balance I already have a good idea of what to work on for the begining of the season, then hopefully I'll get some...
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    Jay, VT: 11/13/05

    Awesome, thanks for the TR! =D> The pics aren't bad for being on a camcorder! Looks like it was a really nice day.
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    A video from Sunday at Killington

    Great video Frank! Really brightened up my day! :D Steve is absolutely right about the camera, you're really gonna need two if you want to do stills and videos. Though I am amazed how much better the video mode of stills is getting, I took some last spring with my Olympus Stylus 410 that...
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    Guess you were right. I just got word that K-Mart will be opening tomorrow. I should learn to keep my big trap shut.. ;)
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    10/28/05 Cannon Mt.

    Nice TR, sounds like a good time! Skiing with head lamps must be a trip. BTW, I think you mean 10/28/05 in the title... unless you went foward in time, then its ok.. :)
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    I wouldn't count on Big K being open this weekend...
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    cannon: 12/26/05

    Nice TR and pics Steve. The video was freaking sweet as well! Looks like an awesome time. I'll be anxiously awaiting your reports from the weekend... :)
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    Cannon Mt., NH - 10/26/2006

    Nice, I was wondering how Cannon was making out with all this snow. This is the first news I've heard from there... :D
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    bolton valley, vt: 10/23/05

    Awesome job riv! :D
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    Snowbird, UT 9/3/2005

    =D> Awesome! Very inspiring reading for September... =P~
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    August Turns in Ontario, YEAH!!! August 14-15-16, 2005

    Thats good stuff. Way to think outside the box! :D
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    new gear, woo!

    Cool, you'll be all set for when the snow starts flying! I almost had my new boots on the other day, but my wife was giving me funny looks... ;)