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  1. baldyskier

    Spring Skiing Quality mid April at Squaw/Alpine?

    I'm leaning toward buying the Ikon Pass for next season. If I do, I may try to ski Squaw and/or Alpine Meadows for a couple of days some time between April 13th and 23rd, as I'll be in Fairfax, CA for a of couple weeks. Any thoughts on what to expect given this year's snow pack plus Covid-19...
  2. baldyskier

    (Almost) 95 year old Heli-skier

    I wonder if that helmet has anything to do with his longevity as a skier?
  3. baldyskier

    More Shenanigans on Mammoth Mountain Snowman Facebook Page

    I put a post on the Mammoth Mountain Snowman Facebook Page regarding my recent 2 day ski trip to Mammoth. I received a few comments and a bunch of likes. The MM Snowman even used one of my pictures on his seperate website. However, a day or two later I couldn't find my post. In it's place was a...
  4. baldyskier

    Mammoth Mountain May 10, 11, 2019

    I finally made it up to Mammoth, driving up early Friday morning and returning Saturday evening. It was raining some on my drive up. Mammoth had got an inch or two of heavy snow; it served to cover the coral reef some. Friday was foggy/cloudy. Everything stayed firm, almost icy for most of the...
  5. baldyskier

    Mammoth Mountain Snowman on Facebook

    From a Google search for more info on Mammoth current conditions (before some of the recent valuable posts here), I discovered Mammoth Mountain Snowman on Facebook. It's a private FB group administrated by Mammoth Snowman (Steve Taylor) and his kids. They seem to grant requests to join in a day...
  6. baldyskier

    LCC Overcrowding

    I guess it wasn't just my imagination. This article talks about the large increase in traffic in little Cottonwood Canyon this year. UDOT's solution is basically carpooling. That won't help with the increasingly crowded slopes, nor with the result of those crowds: the ever-shortening half-life...
  7. baldyskier

    Taos, NM, March 22, 2019

    Since Wednesday had gotten a little warm on the mountain, I took Thursday off, waiting to see what the Thursday/Friday storm would bring. Taos reported 3 inches Friday morning, although there was probably twice that farther up. It snowed most of the day on Friday as well. Dave, my ski partner on...
  8. baldyskier

    Taos, NM, March 20, 2019

    This was my first time going to Taos. Jojo Obrien noted in a trip report back in 2016 that Taos was like "Mt. Baldy on steroids". I concur with that description. There is a lot of interesting terrain, much of it steeper than I'm interested in skiing, although I found plenty that I liked. Taos...
  9. baldyskier

    SLC Mountain Collective Skiing 1/17-1/25/2019

    Go to my Strava activities for captioned pictures. I plan to add reports for Thursday, 1/24 (Snowbird) and Friday, 1/25 (Snowbasin)."
  10. baldyskier

    Upcoming SLC Trip

    I'm driving solo to SLC from Los Angeles tomorrow, Friday, February 23rd. I have the Mountain Collective Pass and plan to ski Alta, Snowbird, and Snowbasin. I would like to add Telluride, although lodging there seems rather expensive. Jackson Hole is another possible add-on. I would like to ski...
  11. baldyskier

    Question on Mammoth Mountain Spring Conditions

    I still have 3 days left on my Mountain Collective Pass for Mammoth, and I'm considering skiing this Tuesday-Thursday, May 2-4. I see that the forecasted weather is mostly clear, with overnight lows at 35-38 and highs around 60 (summit lows 25-30 and highs 45-50). I haven't been spring skiing in...
  12. baldyskier

    Any Skiing Tips for the Not-So-Young?

    I have a friend who is turning 60 this year. We went on a 3 week Mountain Collective road trip in February and he was skiing better than ever, but he told me recently that he is hanging up his skis after this season. After a lifetime of riskier sports like hang gliding, rock climbing...
  13. baldyskier

    Question regarding Canadian Skiers at the Dartmouth Skiway

    My daughter is a student at Dartmouth College and is taking ski lessons at the Dartmouth Skiway. She noticed on Saturday that there were a lot of French-speaking families (presumably from Canada) on the slopes. That seemed strange to me, given the unfavorable (for Canadians) exchange rate and...
  14. baldyskier

    Sun Valley added to Mountain Collective

    I see that Sun Valley was added to the Mountain Collective Pass for 2015-2016. I think I would have preferred Taos, NM, since they generally get more snow, esp. in recent years. Of course Taos' location would have been a double-edged sword- Good in that their storms are not so closely correlated...
  15. baldyskier

    Snowmass and Aspen Highlands, CO, Feb. 9 & 10, 2015

    My friend Jeff and I bought Mountain Collective passes for this year. We planned a driving trip to ski several of the destinations. We headed from Los Angeles to the Aspen, CO area initially. We spent 3 nights at the Quality Inn in Glenwood Springs. We found that hotel to be clean and quiet...
  16. baldyskier

    Proposed San Gabriel Mountains National Monument

    Feedback to the appropriate government leaders can help stop this misguided proposal. I received the email below from Robby Ellingson, General Manager of Mt. Baldy Ski Lifts with details and points of contact: National Monument Proposal Threatens Access As stewards of the 700 acres...
  17. baldyskier

    Mt. Baldy, CA Road Bike Ride

    It has been 2 years since I've skied at Mt. Baldy, due to 2 bad winters in So. CA. On Saturday I was in Claremont at Harvey Mudd College (Admitted Students Weekend for my daughter). Since I knew I had free time in the afternoon, I brought my road bike along and rode up to the Mt. Baldy parking...
  18. baldyskier

    SLC, 2/8-2/11/2014 (Solitude, Snow Basin, Powder Mountain)

    (I apologize for the mixed up post- I don't do this enough) Snow Basin, 2/8/2014 Only beginner Lift was open at 9:00, with more to open at 9:45. Wind was high, though, and Snow Basin decided to close for the day. We got weather vouchers and headed back down for lunch. Solitude 2/9/2014 Road...
  19. baldyskier

    Will Snowbasin be decent on Sat.?

    I'm flying into SLC tonight, staying in Fruit Heights until Wed. Wondering how SB may fare with warmer storm.
  20. baldyskier

    SLC, 2/7/2013-2/11/2013

    20130207 Deer Valley via Quick Start: My friend and I decided to take the advice of this forum and start at Deer Valley. We enjoyed it. It was sunny, but cool and windy. The groomers were decent, though a little hard. I eventually got to some powder in the trees. I was surprised that it was...