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    Kite boarding: Anyone?

    While the last thing I need is another expensive hobby, a guy I know that runs a shop in durango has gotten really into kite boarding and was peaking my interest. The nice thing is that you can get kites that work for both winter snowboarding and summer wakeboarding. Anyone ever done it? If...
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    Silverton Unguided: ???

    OK, Silverton is going unguided March31... As most of you probably know the 4 corners area has been getting pounded. 100" storm tatal at wolf creek and the rest of the region is not far behind. (I finally got me some freshies :D :D :D) But on the Siverton front this all is starting to sound...
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    Wolf Creek 1/2 price 1/22/06

    Local appreciation day is Sunday. All tix $23 dollars and no id required. Something around 2 feet reported from the last 2 storms. I was there last week and cover was good except in the trees, so it should be really nice now.
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    Silverton Mountain: 12/18/05

    Pre-ride: I took off from Galisteo about 10:30am Saturday after calling the mountain all morning to see if I could move my reservation to next week. I was really wasted after a long 2 weeks at work and the knee I've been nursing and trying to strengthen all summer was aching this week so I was...
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    World snowbording Guide: valid info?

    After reading a lot of the resort reviews for CO on this site, which seemed pretty suspect, I came across this description of berthoud pass: Page Link Is this info correct? I thought Berthoud Pass was only a BC area.
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    Wolf Creek 12/4/05

    :shock: OMG, I'm beat. I think I rode the deepest powder I've ridden in 5 years. They opened the Alberta Lift at 11:00am after a few really nice and loud explosions. they were only reporting 16 inches from Fri/Sat, but as no one had ridden the area the snow was almost too much. As Sharon said in...
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    No. Colorado: Best snow for T-Day?

    We have decided to head up to NOCO to share in the powder for T-day. Who has the best snow right now? So far I am looking at Winter Park. Also any tips on cheap lodging would be nice. Cheers.
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    Wolf Creek 11/19/05

    Me and the wife hit up Wolf Creek on Saturday. They have the front side lifts open and mostly the blue groomers from the top. Cover is good but lots of grass and tree tops sticking through. They were actually cutting the tops down on tranquility while we were riding. They did have alberta face...
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    Best Hitching Backcountry?

    In Santa Fe Big Tesuque is a popular run that gains you about half the vertical by hitching from the base of the aspen grove (2 - miles down from base- you wont miss it) Most common is doing loops with a lift ticket. Big T is a nice gentle glade of open pine at the top and falls down through the...
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    Deception peak-Santa Fe 10/13/05

    :D First turns of 05/06 :D Me and the dog climbed up to see what we could find. Got about 500 virtical feet on 1foot of soft settled powder. Got another 500 feet below that on variable rocky terrain and catwalk. Stopped about 2/3 of the way down so the board didn't get totally destroyed. :D...
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    2005-2006 U.S. WINTER OUTLOOK

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    Winter Weather Advisory - SW CO & NNM

    Steady rain here all morning, Air temp is still high... looks like wolf creek will be getting a dusting though... :mrgreen: Forcast: Southern Colorado - Wolf Creek pass :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    Thousands show up to see snow on Fillmore Street

    These pople are mental? Icer Air 2005 :o I do this trick, but I do it fakie.... old school. :D
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    Best Tree Skiing?

    Where are the best places you've surfed the trees in the big POW? My favorite places... Wolf Creek... only because you get the best drop in! Santa Fe actually rocks for trees? Monarch.. been a long time I've only visited other trees.... :twisted:
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    More proof rich Texans are the true "axis of evil"

    Honts, 65, of Austin, Texas, dismisses much of the fuss about building a massive development next to public forests and wilderness areas. "We have 4 1/2 million acres of trees and no place for people to stay and look at the trees," Honts said. Taken from the following news story.... The...
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    Good Winter Camp Spots?

    If you know a good winter camping spot for ski/board trips post it here! My favorite for riding telluride is a small national forest campground just north of telluride. I had to look up the name, Illium, cause its been awhile since I've been there. It's a small site right next to a creek so...
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    Butt cheap snowboard!

    check this out- Dynastar LZ at for $130 I bought a 170 wide for use as a rock board and if it rides ok I might try splitting it this winter. Anyway, I can't give any feedback on the way it rides , cause its summer, but if you want a decent cheap board it's hard to find them at...
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    Just Gloating

    Ok, I spent that trust fund my dad forgot to leave me this summer, so I may be panhandling at a resort near you but I completely hooked myself up this summer on closeout gear- as follows- New board- Neversummer legacy 163! -$280 New Snowshoes- Crescentmoon gold series 10 -$175 (I'm actually...
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    Wolf Creek 3/26- Great snow.

    Tons of good pow on saturday, appearantly they have had 30+ inches over the few days before saturday. Hoping that another storm blows through this week cause I am heading back up this weekend if the snow is still as good!!
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    Dateline-Sunday- Avalanche bait!!!

    Did anyone else see the extreme survival stories on dateline sunday? A guy from Utah was standing on-top of a cornice about to drop into a 50+ degree slope with fresh powder on it. His friend is set up on the next peak with a camera ready to roll. The skier is alone about to drop into the face...