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  1. tseeb

    Retirement Road Trips

    Not sure I can spend the time to draw Google maps of my five consecutive years of road trips from San Jose, CA to Canada. Three of my road-trips included snowcat skiing at Mustang; two did not as they were only to Whistler. I've flown to Calgary to ski Mustang twice. In 2018, I made it to Canada...
  2. tseeb

    2021-22 Season Recap

    Not looking good for new lift for upcoming season in Bergman Bowl at Keystone due to unauthorized construction in sensitive area. For more details, see
  3. tseeb

    Timberline, OR, June 29, 2022

    Conditions now look a lot better than my only Timberline Summer skiing two months later in 2018. There was no skiing on Magic Mile then (uploaded and downloaded it carrying skis) and even the lower 1/2 of Palmer was limited and got very thin during day. But it was only $49 then.
  4. tseeb

    Vail Resorts Q3 22 Results: Interesting Epic Pass Stats

    In early Feb 2014 when I caught rides between SLC and Jackson with @skiace and it snowed every day (although it also got warmer), I noticed bigger crowds on Fri and Sat than Thurs and Sun. There is a lot of local population with Mon-Fri jobs. My notes from Sat include "Started with 3 runs on AV...
  5. tseeb

    Palisades Tahoe, CA 5/30/2022

    From The only gas station in Mendocino, CA "was charging $9.60 a gallon for regular on Friday afternoon." Story also blames refineries and ends with "don't know when they will go down." You could drive less...
  6. tseeb

    Palisades Tahoe, CA 5/30/2022

    Front page story this AM in San Jose Mercury News includes “there’s also been a difficult to explain ‘mystery bump’ of 30 cents in California prices for the last several years. And lately that bump has roughly doubled to 60 cents.” GOUGING...
  7. tseeb

    Palisades Tahoe, CA 5/30/2022

    Cheapest gas in CA jumped in last week from just over $5 to not much under $6. Maybe it's our special Summer blend (or more likely just gouging by oil companies).
  8. tseeb

    Palisades Tahoe, CA 5/30/2022

    I arrived Truckee about 4 PM on Sun and from I-80 saw dusting of new snow in trees on 9K+ ridge N/NW of Mt Rose. I also heard reports of snow in upper Incline Village and at Palisades. I loaded the Funitel about 8:10 on Mon and shared my first Gold Coast lift with a unicorn. My next ride on Gold...
  9. tseeb

    Mammoth, May 23-24, 2022

    In SkiTalk Mammoth thread, Kirk (Mountain Monster) reported that Mark got 5M vertical. I can't see leader board and don't record my lifts since I don't have the app. My phone's battery sometimes doesn't make it through a ski day without running an app like that hitting it hard. Report at...
  10. tseeb

    2021-22 Season Recap

    I'm not quite done as I have a reason to be near Auburn, ~55 miles W of Donner Summit on 5/31, and have a friend to stay with Sun/Mon nights near Truckee, so I plan to support Palisades Tahoe efforts to stay open weekends until Memorial Day by being there on 5/30 even though Siberia closed after...
  11. tseeb

    Mammoth, May 23-24, 2022

    Tony Crocker found Coyote run that I used to get to chair 5 just before 9 AM was closed when he tried it. I don't think I passed any closed signs and it was not roped off. I took some pictures. Getting around lookers right did not look very good. These are different versions of same photo. The...
  12. tseeb

    Mammoth, May 23-24, 2022

    Thanks to Tony Crocker for another great May tour of Mammoth and writing post and taking some pictures of me where I look OK. I got home tired before 7 last evening after leaving Mammoth about 1:30 after joining tailgate for one beer. I added up my time driving vs. time skiing and skiing came...
  13. tseeb

    Palisades Tahoe, CA 5/22/2022

    I left San Jose at 4:20 AM and turned into Olympic Valley 3 1/2 hrs later, then loaded Funitel about 8:30. I started with 4 laps on Gold Coast, stopping to bury my lunch and beer for end of day Funitel download on my first run. Then I did 8 laps on Siberia, starting with a few on busy main...
  14. tseeb

    Successful Selenelion, San Gabriel Peak, CA, May 15, 2022

    I took the following at 8:17 from Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, where I was working Coldplay with H.E.R and a rapper opening. It was my first paid job in 2022 and the first concert at Levi's in almost three years. The mountains in the picture rise to over 3000' more than 10 miles away. The...
  15. tseeb

    Palisades Tahoe, CA 4/30/22

    I think is Patrick doing an extended trip to CA, probably flying in and out of LAX. Flights servicing Mammoth have been moved to Eastern Sierra Regional airport which is just East of Bishop and almost an hour from Mammoth Ski Area. I hope wind at top of Palisades stays below 50 mph or there...
  16. tseeb

    Palisades Tahoe, CA 4/30/22

    From The big updates this week are that Wa She Shu and Mountain Run are now closed, so expect to download instead of skiing back to the base area. WEATHER It will be windy on Friday. Expect ridge...
  17. tseeb

    Palisades Tahoe, CA 4/30/22

    I was in short line for Wa She Shu (formerly Squaw One) chair a few minutes before it opened at 9. I was wearing two thin base layers and a tye-dyed Hawaiian shirt over them, preparing for Kirkwood’s closing the next day. Picture taken by Mamie Grump in mid-afternoon. King Grump in front. His...
  18. tseeb

    Kirkwood, CA 5/1/2022 (Closing day)

    I was at Kirkwood for closing day, starting about 9:15 after parking in no. 1 spot by cat crossing near Timber Creek. The same guy from Sonora as on preceding Tuesday and Thursday pulled in next to me. His youtube channel is Blown Lines (skiing and river running as he is a Mokelumne river ranger...
  19. tseeb

    Kirkwood, CA 4/26, 4/28 and 4/29/22

    Kirkwood has a lot of N-facing steeps, but lowest part of Wall and Reut chairs flattens and can get slow on warmest days of if there was not a hard freeze. Between 3:30 and 4 PM the sun was low enough and there are tall thick trees along edge of many runs so snow was soft, but not sticky as it...
  20. tseeb

    Vail Resorts Red Flags in 2021-22

    While searching for something else on Kirkwood's website, I found Not sure if these have been settled, but lawsuits are from people who didn't use their passes enough before Pandemic closure in March 2020 and were not...