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  1. trebron

    Poll: Your Favorite Lower Michigan Ski Resort

    I agree, really good vibe there. My overall fave in Michigan. Best pricing and natural snow. And Arlo makes a mean Bloody Mary :twisted: Nubs has the best runs Crystal had the best pipe last year Schuss was my fave terrain park last year Boyne Mt Carnival is the best party
  2. trebron

    Lost Michigan Ski Areas

    Mio Mountain I was in the area ice fishin last year when we got a pretty good storm. Went the the hill the next day to hike for some fresh snow. Unfortunately the snowmobilers beat me to it :x
  3. trebron

    SE Michgian opening

    Rode Mt Holly on Saturday, beautiful day. Nice to get back on the slopes, really nice to finally take the new board out. I'm planning on riding Crystal & Cab this coming weekend 8)